Mission Accomplished: CHUCK Renewed!

Mission Accomplished CHUCK Fans, your show has been saved. Or at least that is what EW’s Michael Ausiello, The Live Feed, Variety and TV MoJoe are all reporting until NBC makes it official at its UpFront event on May 19.

But before you head on out to your local Subway for a celebratory Five Dollar Footlong, we should probably warn you, there’s a catch. The 13-episode pickup was contingent on Warner Bros. (the studio that produces CHUCK) agreeing to make some sizable budget cuts. Cuts which may-or-may-not include at least one cast member getting the proverbial pink slip, two staff writers definitely being show the door, and less episodes for some of your favorite supporting players (Jeffster! Big Mike! Anna! Gulp!)

All of which naturally raise three big (or in keeping with the theme of this post, foot long) questions:

1) Is less CHUCK in every sense of the word — from number of episodes, budget, production value and characters — better than no CHUCK at all?

2) If the unthinkable should occur and down to saving Jeff or Lester, who would you choose? Have CHUCK fans just set up the show to become the next JERICHO? Or does the fandom really believe that they, alongside NBC can attract a new audience to a show that saw virtually zero uptick in viewers throughout the highly publicized “Save CHUCK” campaign that ran over the course of CHUCK’s final episodes.

3) And finally, will NBC — who has yet to meet a product placement it can’t make work — find a way to replace Sara’s cover job at “The Orange Orange” with a Subway Sandwich Shop?

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  • Josh C.

    Congrats on getting Chuck saved everybody! I didn’t watch it but I’ve only heard good things

  • Hils

    Saved! Yay!

    I am a little annoyed with all the strings attached to it, but I guess I can learn to deal with a smaller cast of characters. It will have to be a reduction in the Buy More staff since I can’t see them parting with Chuck’s family.

  • Sheindie

    Sol that which makes Chuck so enjoyable is gone? ..meaning 2 of the writers, cast member, less time with supporting players, production value – well, some Chuck is better than none! …

  • annsensei

    how can the failing network put so many strings onto one of the few shows that still has a fan base??? I would think they would be throwing money at chuck trying to convince them to stay on the peacock network!!!

    that said, slimmed down chuck IS better than no chuck!!! welcome back!!!

  • I’m all for this. Chuck is too good a show to dump completely. Strings attached is better than nothing at all.

    Fewer episodes might mean less filler and a tighter, faster story arc. Plus, if the ratings somehow pick up, maybe they’ll add the back nine anyway.

    It’s a shame about cutting two writers. Not sure how many there are. Hopefully they do keep the best ones.

    I’m not a fan of the Buy More antics at all, so I’d cut more than just one cast member. Chuck & Morgan have both quit Buy More, so why do we even need Buy More any longer? I think they ought to keep Anna because she’s with Morgan, but I’d be fine with them cutting Jeff, Lester, and Big Mike. They could still come back occasionally as recurring characters if necessary. As long as they keep the main three, Ellie, and Devon.

    If they cut down on stunts, explosions, car chases, etc., I’m okay with that too. As long as there’s still a small bit of obligatory action, it’s the character interaction that’s the important part anyway.

  • Ace

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! You just made my day and it is not even 8 AM :). I don’t really want to see anyone cut from the show, but as much as I love Tony Hale, I don’t really think his character needs to continue. I think they’ve already done enough with him. As long as Casey is still there I’ll be fine.

  • Lioness

    I’m not a big fan of the BuyMore antics either but the person I wouldn’t mind seeing leave is Chuck’s sister. Never much liked her.
    And they can’t have Sara work at a Subway store – the times she just walks out – her store doesn’t get much business and I don’t think Subway would like that implication.

  • Is the upfront on Tuesday, May 19th or Thursday, May 21st?

  • Ravi,
    Sorry about that error. The NBC UpFront will be:
    9:00pm – NBC Night of Comedy, Town Hall (123 W 43rd St)

  • Anita

    I’d rather have Chuck (with strings) than no Chuck at all!

    Sarah, Chuck, Casey, Ellie, Awesome and Morgan are integral to the show. I love Jeffster, Anna, Big Mike and Emmet, but I can deal with them having reduced scenes. If one of them had to go, I’d have to say either Big Mike or Emmet as we don’t need two store managers. I think Big Mike makes more sense as he’s no longer running the store and it can just be referred to off-camera as Morgan’s Mom’s boyfriend.

  • Scott S

    Thank you NBC, let’s go for the standard 7 year contract at less budget (extend the contract 4 1/2 years). There was always an expensive element to some of the visual tricks, and ultimately they were over budget. Plus, the immaturity of the Buymore, disinterest from the character Chuck, never really fit the show, glad they dumped it. Even the immature fans could not possibly appreciate the comic book features of lazy employees, none of which would last 3 seconds in the real world, good riddance.

    The writers have been warned, write the best scripts, keep the imagination of the characters fresh, develop the Kung Fu aspect, the Intersect main character in the brain of Chuck, and keep those hybrids blowing up on screen.

    If NBC truly wanted to keep Chuck, they would have given it a longer contract, if the writers show their best efforts in this dramedy, they could keep their jobs for quite a bit longer. So, fans–keep the pressure on for better scripts, and encourage the dumping of the dead weight Buymore!

  • zombiets

    I agree with Scott S., I think a drastic change is needed. Get rid of the Buy More crew. Get rid of Awesome and Ellie. Then move Chuck into a more real agent type of role. Don’t get me wrong I love the show as it is, but if the goal is to keep it around longer and save money; reduce the number of characters and develop more stories and depth to Chuck, Sarah and Casey (especially Casey).

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t understand why NBC treats the show this way. Southland and Parks and Recreation have sunk to worse ratings than Chuck, yet they act like this show is on par with Friday Night Lights!

    I actually hope this means there will be less Buy More. I assumed since Chuck, Morgan, and Casey all quit the store they would be dropping it as a main part of each episode. I’d rather see scenes involving the core three, along with Ellie and Awesome.

  • Wow, I can’t believe how many people agree with me. I thought most people like the Buy More antics, and that I was in the minority on that one.

    I forgot about Casey quitting too. Buy More is kind of pointless now.

  • Hil

    zombiets, were you a fan of ALIAS? That show nose dived when they took away all of Sydney’s friends and her personal life. Chuck wouldn’t be the same without his family and friends. It would be a huge mistake if they got rid of all of them.

  • Scott S

    If anyone can recall, think about the past shows, and the costs of bringing in hundreds of extras for parties, reunions, Atari contests, Roark conferences, rock concerts, etc. Sure, these are fun scenarios, add to that the computer animations, upload flash rooms, these are fun too–but expensive. Then think about the episodes that were the most fun, the fighting scenes, Casey to the rescue, Chuck’s flashes, the Suburbs, the new Kung Fu aspect, a new Intersect, and dear Sarah and Ellie–we like the stars of the show develop, we don’t necessarily like the crowds…less money, more content, that’s what NBC is saying–and no disrespect to the writers/producers, they have come a long way, let’s keep it going! Chuck me!

  • timwnatx

    Glad Chuck’s coming back. I could do without the buy more crew. Concentrate on Chuck becoming a real spy now and thus the other characters could be written in as needed. And this summer, NBC would be wise to play the Chuck repeats in the hopes of attracting new viewers. Remember, if you haven’t seen it, it’s still new to you. lol Eh, bad joke.

  • Aileen

    I agree with everyone who says dump Buy More. I honestly fastfoward through most of those scenes. They take away from the main story and are boring. Keep the core three (Sarah, Casey, Chuck) and some of the supporting characters (Ellie and Awesome, because they ground Chuck, Morgan because he is the best friend [though I am not a big fan of his character] and possibly Anna because she’s tied to Morgan). The Buy More subplots really have been pointless most of the past season.

  • J T

    I don’t think dumping the Buy More is the answer. The goofy skits and idiotic antics of Jeff and Lester, as well as the band, how do you not laugh at that stuff? I think it helps balances the show, keeping Chuck real and grounded to his “real life” with the Herd. I don’t think people want non-stop action. The mix of comedy, drama, and action are the elements that make this show. My wife and I loved Alias, and someone posted earlier that Sydneys personal life became less and less involved in the writing, which made the show drop a couple of notches. I think maybe a little less Buy More would be o.k. but not ditching it totally. Chuck has to have some kind of cover, so I am sure that Big Mike will be back at the helm, rehire Chuck and Casey, and go from there. I am glad the show is back for a 3rd season, I just hope it does not suffer from all the trimming they have to do. I for one enjoy the subplots of Chucks day job. With the Buy More I envision mini stories like the guys from the sporting good store down the street challenging the Buy More crew to a paintball contest, where Casey can showcase his NSA talent and wipe out the competiton. Has’nt everyone noticed that nearly every episode almost always has an underlying tone of how important Chuck’s family and friends are to him? If it just becomes Chuck, Casey, and Sarah all the time I think the show will lose its edge. Obviously those three are the show, but don’t comprise the substance just for style. Season 2 was AWESOME, keep the creativity alive for #3!!!!