Think You’re a TV Addict? Think Again! (30 ROCK Edition)


Today marks the start of a new (and hopefully regular) feature on Things that make us feel slightly better about what some might call our own slightly unhealthy addiction to TV.

Meet Aaron Cohen. A 30 ROCK fan so enamored with Tracy Morgan’s sublime mix of ridiculousness and creativity that he took it upon himself to type out EVERYTHING that Tracy Jordan said this season just to see what it would look like all in one place.

Two of Aaron’s favorites, a link to the entire list, and validation that a mild addiction to TV may in fact be the least of your worries can be found after the jump.

“What? Please. We are here because white folks think they can do whatever they want to black folks. It’s like when Adrian Brody kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars.”

“Look. I grew up here, Larry, in the days before Starbuck. And if Wall St crashes, it’ll be the 1970’s all over again. People will get mean. The streets won’t be safe. It’ll be graffiti everywhere. And the movies will only cost 3 dollars.”

Click here for EVERYTHING Tracy Jordan said. And if you’ve got something that might make your fellow TV Addicts feel better about their addiction to television, please send it to us at or better yet, a tweet via twitter.

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  • Nick

    Just wanna say: Aaron, this is brilliant. Tracy has some of the most outrageous lines on 30 ROCK. Whatever the writers are getting paid on that show, it’s not enough. Thanks for your hard work and compilation.

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