Good News, Bad News: UpFront Edition 2009

Good News: NBC made it official today by announcing that CHUCK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, two critically acclaimed albeit ratings anemic fan favorites will be returning to a small screen near you in 2010. Bad News: Make that spring/summer 2010, with fans having to wait until after the Olympics for CHUCK’s return and summer for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to kick off. [Source]

Good News: There is still hope for MEDIUM and MY NAME IS EARL, with rumors circulating that CBS and FOX (the studios that produce each series) might pick up each show for their respective networks. Bad News: For the now defunct CBS series’ WITHOUT OF TRACE and THE UNIT… crickets… crickets… [Source]

Good News: UGLY BETTY will face far less competition come Fall 2009. Bad News: Which is what happens when a network decides to move your show to Friday, the night that audiences forgot. [Source]

Good News: After eight long years, ABC’s ACCORDING TO JIM is finally dead! Bad News: For FOX’s ‘TIL DEATH, which just became every TV critics new go-to example for everything that is wrong with the state of TV sitcoms today. [Source]

  • bws

    I will never watch TIL DEATH but just listened to Brad Garret on the Adam Corolla Podcast and surprisingly very funny. And dirty.

  • paketep

    MEDIUM instead of THE UNIT?. That’s a bad, BAD exchange. Someone at CBS’ brass deserves to be fired and not work in the TV business ever again. Idiots.

    Oh, well, at least DOLLHOUSE got renewed (how the hell did that happen?)

  • Ace

    The funny thing about Ugly Betty’s move is now I will actually watch two shows on Friday at 9 when I used to not watch anything before Dollhouse started this year.

  • Indeed, thanks to time shifting in Canada I’ll be able to catch both Dollhouse and UB, a show I had gotten lost thanks to Thursday’s packed night.