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Just when you thought it was safe to return to, the GLove-fest continues with something no TV Addict can resist: Free TV on iTunes! Simply click here to download last night’s GLEE premiere in its entirety.

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  • barbat

    Doesn’t seem to work in Canada.

  • Jocelyn

    Glee was incredible!! I am crushing so hard on this show – the characters are great and hilarious, and there’s heartfelt drama in spades, without it crossing the border into melodrama. And all that’s just a side note compared to the amazing musical numbers. It’s going to be a loong wait for more…

  • anyone know what Canadian station is picking up the show? My guess would be CTV (they do have everything lol). A Canadian premiere would be nice since I missed ‘Don’t Stop’, since my PVR ironically stopped!

  • katie

    ya i’m so bummed that i can’t get that music in canada… stupid copy rights… i am going to search HARD for that journey cover.

  • genna

    hey i know wat canadian station glee is on its on global

  • tin

    It was so awsome!!

  • Grace

    Oh no! It has to work in Canadaa. D: </3

  • liviilou


  • The last episode of Glee are so loving. I have watch all the episode of glee. Glee is my all time favorite series. Kurt is mine favorite character.

  • saotroihanhphuc


  • Buddy

    I'm going on 62 years old and do enjoy the music . How about more music from the 60's and 70's .

  • Nitti_setup

    I`m Crazy about This showw . FOR GLEE .. I LOVE ittt ..Love It LOve It LOve it .. Huuhh Andd i LOve it .. ?