If you’re anything like this TV Addict, odds are fairly good that you haven’t stopped listening to “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Rehab” since the curtain fell on last night’s GLEE premiere. Of course, the popularity of CBS’ entire schedule is evidence enough that this TV Addict and your average television viewer don’t always see eye-to-eye. Which is why we thought we’d ask you to put your critics hat on and post away with your thoughts on GLEE, who should win AMERICAN IDOL, and last night’s season finales of 90210 and THE MENTALIST.

  • laura

    I though Glee was great, I have something to look forward to watching in the summer. 90210 was an amazing finale. I was happy to see fellow Canadian Shenae Grimes finally step up and it looks like she saved her best for the last episode. She was amazing last night and I almost cried when the party turned on her.

  • can

    It was a proud night for Degrassi alum. 🙂

    Kris should win Idol but he probably won’t. 🙁

  • I liked 90210 finale too. I’m starting to like Ethan and i never did before.

  • I turned Glee of halfway through.
    90210 finale was great.. it keeps getting better and better.
    Adam wiped the floor with Kris and if he doesn’t win it will be a shame.

  • Melissa

    90210 was awesome! So sad that Ethan won’t be back next year to continue the love triangle.

    Glee had a slow start but turned out great! I really don’t want to wait till fall to continue watching. I’m sure I will watch the first episode multiple times!

    American Idol was alright. Not the strongest night for either finalist. I did think Kris did better. Adam’s “No Boundaries” performance was TERRIBLE!!! I just wish he didn’t scream so much… Hopefully Kris will pull through and win!

  • Glee just frakking ROCKED.

  • Jacob

    Glee was awesome. It needs just a little work but there’s nothing like it on tv right now so I say bring on more!

    90210 was lame. They had progressively been getting better with the new show runner only to regress back to being lame with it’s finale. It might as well have been a regular episode and not a season ender. And I agree with all the comments around the internet that say that it and Gossip Girl are using too many of the exact same plot points.

  • The MENTALIST is entering the rarified territory of such great past programs as COLUMBO. Simon Baker’s performance as a tragically damaged and violence shunning genius with a smart-ass, screw -loose approach is as refreshing and original as Peter Falk’s gumshoe once was and the seasons finale proved it. I dream of a time when vanity -laden and cruelly judgmental nonsense such as AMERICAN IDOL, 90210 and look at me,me,me shows like GLEE go away in favor of substance. I can dream!

  • I felt exactly as “Laura” did last night about 90210.

    As for GLEE…I LOVE IT! I’m already obsessed!

  • Amy

    Glee was alright…Didn’t think it was fantastic or anything but I liked it and I’ll definatly watch it again.