The CW Unveils Their Fall 2009 Schedule

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman… moving to Friday! Which pretty much sums up the big shocker from this morning’s just announced CW Fall sked. SMALLVILLE will air what will likely be its ninth and final season on Friday night, followed by a repeat of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Turns out that spending money on actual programming is the CW’s kryptonite equivalent. With PRIVILEGED getting the ax, alongside THE GAME, EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, potential pilots BODY POLITIC and LILY (The GOSSIP GIRL spinoff) and their entire Sunday night lineup.

Also joining the CW this fall is the network’s not-so-subtle-attempt to jump on the Vampire bandwagon with their TWILIGHT-inspired VAMPIRE DIARIES starring DEGRASSI alum Nina Dobrev, their Ashton Kutcher produced Mischa Barton AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL companion THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE and the much-buzzed about re-boot of MELROSE PLACE, which will air following their equally hyped uber-disappointing re-boot of 90210.

Snap Judgements to come, full schedule after the jump.


8:00 PM: 90210
9:00 PM: MELROSE PLACE (New Series)

9:00 PM: THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE (New Series)


8:00 PM: SMALLVILLE (New night)


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  • melinda

    my heart is broken!!!my show “the game” is gone!!!!!

  • Awwww..NO!! I was sooo hoping that CW would reconsider Body Politic with Jason Dohring..please, please tell me that it is still a possibility for a midseason replacement?? Why, oh Why do we need TWO nights of Top Model? GAHHHHH!

  • Nick

    Don’t fret, Melinda, you still have two airings of the same dying show every week. Plus that oh-so-edgy-sounding midseason crap with Shiri Appleby. Now *there’s* a dynamic actress. ;{ Four title changes later, it’s still the same unwatchable show, CW. You traded Privileged for THAT?

  • Ace

    They really should have given Privileged that 9 PM Friday slot, but then it would be up against Medium, Ugly Betty and Dollhouse. In a better world, they would have not done a new Melrose and left Privileged at 9 on Tuesday where it was. 🙁

  • Lynn

    I agree that they should have put Privileged on Friday night. Even if it got killed by all the other shows in the same timeslot, at least it would be on the air. And then when Vampire Diaries (or whatever new sucky show that will suck) tanks, they could shake up the schedule and find a real place for it. It’s too bad. The least they could have done is throw it a mid-season slot.

  • Nick

    Here’s an idea, CW: Since you’re not interested in programming Fridays at 9pm, why not give that hour back to your affiliates, like you did Sunday? I’m sure the stations would be more than happy to fill the hour with a non-repeat. Some could air Legend of the Seeker there…or frankly, just sell two program-buy commercials there, since that’s about all the value you place on the time period. I venture to say, Reaper would’ve drawn better ratings on a Friday night than GG on Mon. and 90210 on Tue.

  • Such a shame, two of my faves (Privileged and The Game) are gone. The Game was really getting interesting this season. They explored so much: gay teammates, divorce, etc. i liked it a lot.

    I won’t really be tuning into anything new on CW except VD (just to see, it was my fave book as a kid) so :shrug:

  • sanen85

    I’m with Shanna on this one. The Game and Privileged were the only reasons why I bothered with the CW.

  • Cameron

    Nooooooo, not Privileged!! I am starting to get really pissed off..all of the shows that I watch are getting the boot.

  • Amelia

    i am hoping that ian is great in vampire diaries, i loved him on lost.

    but i still like gossip girl. i also like 90210 as a guilty pleasure

  • ewanspotter

    Oh, god. The vampire show looks. so. terrible.

    I hope the Winchesters stake them.

  • Amy

    🙁 I was sooo looking forward to the GG spinoff and Body Politics.
    Also very upset Priveleged was cancelled :'(

  • Neena

    Amy – i too was looking forward to the GG spinoff. I may watch the VD’s for Ian S.

    I really wished they had picked up Body Politic.

    Will try the BL…but i’m not expecting too much.

  • Rose

    Im so glad that Supernatural is going strong, its the only show I care about. Was so impressed with the fanally cant believe i have to wait all summer to find out what happens. Gossip Girl on the other hand was a thourough dissapointment. The only good thing that happened was Chuck and Blaire and I bet you anything by the time it premiers in the fall they will have already broken up.

  • The game was funny realist and you guys are making the worst mistake to get rid of it to make way for unfunny ass shows your rating will go down you will see cw sucks I hope another station picks them up like bet something that is for us I think u guys just don’t like all blacks cast for ex grilfiends, and other u don’t have worrie soon you will see