Our Weekly TV Twitter Round-Up

As you may have ascertained from our recent (and we should add, constantly being updated) Ultimate Guide to TV on Twitter , this TV Addict has a tiny little problem: Our Twitter addiction is quietly giving our TV one a run for its money. Seriously. There is something oddly addictive (okay, and borderline stalkarazzi) about being able to plug directly into the minds of our favorite TV actors, showrunners, journalists, bloggers and readers alike.

Which is why we’ve decided to add a new weekly feature to theTVaddict.com: This Week in TV Twitter. A compilation of our favorite fun, informative, sometimes pointless but always entertaining roundup of tweets from in and around the world of television.

“Glee Music is perfect music for running. If you see me running in my neighborhood waving jazz hands in the air…just ignore me.” GREY’S ANATOMY creator Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes) makes us feel better about our very own GLEE obsession.

“Next season on The CW: “Twilight” meets “Amish in the City” in… “The Vampire Dairies” HitFix’s Daniel Fienberg (@hitfixdaniel) sums up his feelings on the CW’s new Fall offering THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

“McG raped my childhood!” FRINGE co-producer Brad Caleb Kane (@bradcalebkane) terminates any possible future job opportunity with McG by offering up his blunt appraisal of TERMINATOR: SALVATION.

http://twitpic.com/5n4zw – Defying Gravity!” GLEE producer Dante Di Loreto (@GLEETV) teases what fans can only pray is a upcoming guest appearance on the show by WICKED’s Idina Menzel. Oh, and while fans are praying, would it be too much to ask to somehow write-in her WICKED co-star Kristen Chenoweth as an old Glee-Club rival?

“The best pilot you won’t see this season: http://tinyurl.com/q3nnpk LATimes.com Entertainment Editor Joseph Kapsch (@ latzapjoseph) has the skinny on the best pilot you won’t see this season because the CW is too cheap to schedule a full week of programming. Who, us bitter?

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  • Actually, there’s already video on the web of Kristen Chenoweth’s upcoming appearance on GLEE. Haven’t seen anything about Idina Menzel.

  • Charles,
    Click on the twitpic link in the article to see a photo of Idina on set!

  • SimplyKimberly

    Daniel, I have you to thank for my burgeoning GLEE obsession. I love that show and I never would have watched if it weren’t for your posts about it.

    Kristin Chenoweth guest starring. The only bad I see in that is it is such a short stint. She just needs to not leave. She is made for that show.

    My favorite line was from Mercedes about being Beyonce and not Kelly Rowlands. That had me rolling.

  • SimplyKimberly,
    So glad my GLEE obsession rubbed off on you! And rest assured, I have a fairly good feeling that Kristin Chenoweth will be back…. stay tuned!