Our Summer Survival Guide Day 1: TV

If you’re anything like this TV Addict (read: hopelessly addicted to television), you may have found yourself with an alarming amount of free time on your hands since last Thursday — the day our beloved television season officially came to a close.

Deep breath, don’t panic, September is just around the corner. Or so we keep telling ourselves. Because the unfortunate reality of the situation is that September is in fact, not just around the corner. Which is why theTVaddict.com is going to spend the next few days offering up our “Summer Survival Guide.” Alternatives to the painful mix of reality TV, reruns and third-rate miniseries/ movies the major networks are trying to pass off as entertainment.

But before we get into those alternatives which include the worlds of TV on DVD, books and online, we first thought we should offer up five reason why you may not want to cancel your cable just yet.

WEEDS  [Showtime, June 8]
Mary Louise Parker, America’s sexiest and arguably most irresponsible mother is back! And while critics and discerning fans have been quick to proclaim that the Botwin’s clans move to the border was a mistake of shark jumping proportions, WEEDS (alongside HBO’s ENTOURAGE, 30 ROCK and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) remain to this day one of the only comedies that without fail, always leaves us jonesin’ for more. Also this summer on Showtime: NURSE JACKIE (June 8th)

HUNG [HBO, June 28]
Would you pay $14.99 per month for Thomas Jane? HBO is certainly hoping that you will when you meet Ray Decker; a down-on-his-luck high school teacher who must use his best (and some might say, biggest) asset to escape from his very own personal and financial crisis. Unfortunately, on a family friendly web site, we’re not exactly at liberty to say what said asset is. Rest assured, HUNG has the makings of HBO’s next big thing (and yes, that is in fact what she said.) Also this summer on HBO: ENTOURAGE (July 12) and TRUE BLOOD (June 14)

What is the one thing that can get this procedural-phobic TV Addict to tune into another [insert medical/cop/lawyer] show that the cable networks can’t seem to get enough of? Two words: Mark Feuerstein. The actor who swept Ashley WIliams off her feet in the short-lived GOOD MORNING MIAMI and swept us off our feet with his unforgettable and ridiculously likable guest stint on THE WEST WING is just what the doctor ordered and coincidentally enough, what the rich and famous need in this new Hampton’s set medical drama. Also this summer on USA: BURN NOTICE (June 4), MONK & PSYCH (Summer 2009)

[ABC Family, July 7]
Will 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU continue ABC Family’s winning streak that started with KYLE XY and continued with GREEK and THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER? Well, not actually having seen the pilot, we’re not entirely sure. But as fans of the underrated movie that starred the late Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this TV Addict knows what he’ll be doing on July 7th at 8PM. Also this summer on ABC Family: GREEK, SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER (June 22), MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (June 22)

On June 1st, following 17 years at the helm of television’s most popular late night institution, Jay Leno will officially pass the torch to Conan O’Brien. Will O’Brien tone down his zany 12:35 antics for an 11:35 show? Have we really seen the last of the Masturbating Bear? And most importantly, has O’Brien’s fair Irish complexion survived the move to California? Fans will have all summer to find out, when O’Brien finally gets to sit in the big chair and welcomes some big name guests, including Will Ferrell, Pearl Jam, Tom Hanks, Green Day, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bradley Cooper, Sheryl Crow, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Mayer, Ryan Seacrest and Chickenfoot.

  • Ace

    10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorite teen movies and I can’t hear “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” without thinking of Heath and getting sad. So, I’ll give the tv version a chance, but I can’t help thinking it is about 10 years late.

    And I love the boys from Psych, so can’t wait for them to come back. Other than that, I’ll be catching up on shows on DVD.

    Also, it is bad enough that good TV takes a 3 month hiatis, but that also means that all TV bloggers pretty much disappear. And that’s just not good times. 🙁

  • mohammad

    i personally love when the tv season ends. i get a bunch of dvds and watch old shows like felicity, six feet under, dawson’s creek, alias, etc. no waiting week to week to watch episodes, no behind the scenes drama, etc.

    it’s the best way to watch tv.

  • mohammad,
    I think you’ll really enjoy tomorrow’s installment highlighting affordable (and awesome!) TV on DVD!)

    Rest assured, there is no summer hiatus for theTVaddict.com! Heck, I’m this close to talking about JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT!

  • Ace

    Oh man, don’t you dare! I’m so tired of hearing about those two. There is a reason I avoid TLC! I wish the reality shows had at least thrown us a Project Runway bone. At least that new Top Chef spinoff starts soon…

    mohammad–That’s usually where I end up too. I also just bought a blu ray player that has the Netflix instant play option. Good stuff. Now they just need to add more stuff to it.

  • Aren’t you watching “The Listener” on NBC? I have watched 11 episodes so far, and it’s pretty good. I think Canada it’s on his way of making as good TV as USA. The only problem with the series are the first two episodes which are not interesting, but starting episode 3 it’s when you see the real potential of the series.

    Another one that Im watching it’s Mental tonight at Fox.

  • Catfish

    Leverage starts a new season in July, and if you’re into Australian comedy, The Chaser’s War on Everything starts tomorrow.

  • Josh C.

    I’m looking forward to the return of the summer tv season:

    True Blood
    and the new HBO series Hung!

  • Hung is probably going to be the most difficult show to review — ever. I don’t know how I’m going to maneuver around, um, a certain aspect.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Fringe (I haven’t seen an episode because I was already risking my heart with FOX and Dollhouse).

    Harper’s Island (saw 2 episodes and I am hooked). I do love a mystery.

    The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother (never seen an episode – I avoid comedies because they are so formulaic). But having given The Office and 30 Rock a try I am going to see if these two live up to the hype.]

    Being Human (BBC show coming to BBC America in July about a vampire, werewolf and ghost.)

    And I know this is the anti-reality TV thread but Big Brother (my secret shame) is back in July and I am too far gone to quit it until they pull the plug.

  • theo

    NO Burn Notice…tisk tisk Daniel!

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  • Jaqui2530

    Hey Whats with you people……BURN NOTICE starts June 4th. Best show on tv.

  • Ace

    Guys, TVA mentioned Burn Notice. Just look under Royal Pains (which he featured since it is new and then just mentioned the other shows on USA that will be on this summer).

    Also, TVA — Monk and Psych just got their premiere dates. They both come back on August 7. 🙂