Our (Slightly Less Than Serious) Take on the Future of JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT


Full disclosure: This TV Addict has never watched (or plans to watch) an entire episode of JON & KATE PLUS 8. Seriously, it’s realty shows like this one that give television a bad name.

But since this reality TV train-wreck has become just that โ€” an accident one can’t help but stop and stare at โ€” this TV Addict, against my better judgement took a few moments this morning to read EW’s recap on last night’s fifth season premiere and watch the opening seven minutes of the show America cannot stop talking about. (See: Video)

What I saw were two visibly exhausted and very angry parents with Jon proclaiming that he, “did not sign up for public scrutiny” and Kate admitting that appearing on the cover of the tabloids ”kill her,” wondering if anyone ever thinks about the ”human on the cover’.’

Well Kate, we’ve got news for you. We do in fact think about the human on the cover. We just don’t like what we see. Which, to be more specific, is two parents willing to put the health and well being of their eight children on the back-burner for fifteen minutes of fame and the obligatory fortune that comes with it.

I mean do you seriously expect viewers to sympathize for what the paparazzi are putting you through? Because the bottom line is that you asked it for it, and now must deal with the consequences.

Consequences like these: TheTVaddict.com lending TLC a hand by taking it upon ourselves to design a few logos that they may wish to consider for the inevitable upcoming seasons of the show as the fate of Jon and Kateโ€™s marriage plays out in the tabloids and, eventually, we suspect, the courtrooms.

First, after the inevitable separation and hammered-out visitation agreement:


When, following the divorce, the pair decide the fairest thing to do is divide their brood evenly:


And of course, as they each go pubic with their new insignificant others:


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  • Mohammad

    TLC needs to end this show before it causes even more damage to the family and the kids. I know the show helps them support their family but seriously, this is getting really bad now.

    I just feel bad for those poor kids. They deserve so much better than this.

  • Ace

    Apparently you weren’t kidding with the John & Kate coverage. I could not agree with your first paragraph. That’s really all I have to add. All reality shows that center around a family end in disaster. When will people learn? Also, I realize that these guys didn’t intend it, but I kind of blame them for Octomom.

  • I watched some episodes this weekend (the first time ever) and it is excruciating to watch these parents. I told my friends that this is going to make the therapy so much easier. The therapist will watch about 50 hours of television and it will be so much easier.

  • Shanna,

    You’ve inspired another future logo for the show.

    JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT…. years of therapy for these poor kids.

  • JJ

    Can’t wait to talk about this on Flow93.5 tomorrow?

  • JJ, I’ll be there.

    “There” in case anyone is wondering at Flow 93.5 at around 8:20AM. No autographs please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • the ratings of the premiere got 9.8 million viewers, TLC must be so happy. Personally, I did not know about this show until the scandals happened. They have been on for years and it is just sad that we see a family self destruct. They should have end it but with that kind of viewers that CW wishes they could have I dont think it will end soon sadly

  • I’ve been watching the show for years and it used to be amazing until Jon f-d up! It’s way too depressing to watch now.

  • CynthiaJay

    It’s tough enough raising an average number of kids. Eight little people vying for individual attention must take an enormous amount of energy. So why in the heck would these parents do the TV show in the first place? The stress has taken its toll and now this family will split up with many sad consequences. The children will be the victims. GROW UP Jon & Kate – it’s NOT all about you.

  • kww

    TLC should pay for the therapy and end the show. Jon should have married a Korean girl he would have been much happier. Women like Kate keep mail order Bride business thriving…