According to the official CW description: The new MELROSE PLACE features a dynamic ensemble of up-and-coming stars, along with two original cast members reprising the roles they made famous: Laura Leighton as Sydney Andrews and Thomas Calabro as Dr. Michael Mancini.  MELROSE PLACE promises to deliver all the backstabbing and sizzle of the original series.

According to this TV Addict: We’re cautiously optimistic, assuming of course that the proverbial powers that be learned a lesson or two (of five!) from the colossal disappointment that was 90210’s first season. Plus, having Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) and Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) back in our living room on a weekly basis to wreak havoc sure sounds like fun.

According to the official CW description: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl, and battling to control the fate of an entire town.

According to this TV Addict: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES looks like the CW’s desperate attempt to jump on the TWILIGHT bandwagon. That said, said desperate attempt includes fellow Canadian and former DEGRASSI star Nina Dobrev, LOST’s Ian Somerhalder, EVERWOOD’s Paul Wesley and Steven R. McQueen, not to mention scribe Kevin Williamson. All of whom make up the reason we’ll be giving these diaries a few pages before we rip the CW a new one.

According to the official CW description: The fashion-based series gives viewers an exciting, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cutthroat world of a group of young, beautiful and very sexy models living together in a models’ residence in New York City.

According to this TV Addict: The return of Mischa Barton and a back-stage pass to the scandalous world of modeling… beautiful indeed.

  • why would anyone cast micha barton in a starring role? wasn’t suffering through her on the o.c. bad enough?

  • lol. No VD preview? I personally am not that excited to add more model/ beautiful people/ richie rich shows to my tv watching schedule. And that girl ( I know her name but I’m blanking) did too much posing at the end of a runway. It’s about the clothes not the model. ANTM and Project Runway have taught us that.

  • shanna,

    Thanks for the heads up, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES preview is now appearing as it should.

  • Nick

    I think any naysayers will be eating crow, because I’ve seen extended presentations of all three shows, and they’re better than ANYthing else on The CW right now, except maybe Supernatural. It’s great to be able to add even ONE core show every season, but all three of these should enjoy long runs. And those who love to bash Mischa, for some reason….wait’ll you see The Beautiful Life. Talk about drama!

    Definitely agree with TVA on one point concerning Melrose (and the lesson goes for ALL shows on the CW): The network made horrible, horrible casting and plot choices with 90210. No hotties and no shocking conflict. If the net hasn’t put out the edict to each showrunner to CRANK UP THE CRAZY, then heads should roll.

  • TimWatx

    Based on those promos, the new Melrose looks promising. The VD (lol) has some ‘pretty people’ who can’t act. But hey, their hair looks great! lol As for The Beautiful Life. . . . uh, that looks like a lie to me. Beautiful Lie. lol One out of 3 isn’t bad for the CW.

  • Is it just me or do the people from THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE look more like vampires than the cast from Vampire Diaries?

  • jess

    I love all things vampire so I’m definitely loving this. I loved Paul Wesley as Luke in Wolf Lake (great show pity it wasn’t given a chance). Hopefully VD (hmm… maybe we can think of something else we can call it for short)will be, the preview look great and since it is based on a 15 yr old series of books its not far to compare it to TWILIGHT. As much as i might love it its not the only teen/vampire books/movies to ever be popular. Also MP does actually look good, but I’ll pass on BL looks bland like its leading lady, hell it’ll probably on get good when the kill her off a la OC.

  • shauna

    Beautiful Life does not look that good. And Mischa…it seems her time away from TV has not helped her acting but then again, the show is not about acting it’s about modeling, and that seems to be what she does a lot of.

  • Josh C.

    I am actually going to watch the beautiful life though I am extremely upset they didnt pick up Body Politic. the preview I saw was fantastic not to mention highlighting one of my fav FNL alums minka kelly

  • FabFran

    The same VD of my youth? So glad to see it is finally getting some airtime. Not a fan of Twilight because I thought it was a rip-off of VD anyway.

  • The CW should have picked up Body Politic, is all I have to say…I was thinking of giving MP a chance, but I don’t know if I will after the spoilers I heard. I’m worried about a network that would give up Sundays and air a repeat on Friday night, but not pick up a great pilot with Minka Kelly, Jason Dohring, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Union, Jenny Wade and Jay Hernandez. Every single one of those actors is pretty recognizable, although Jenny only if people have watched Reaper..but it just amazes me the CW ignored it because they didn’t think it fit their ‘consistent theme’.

    As my t-shirt says: Consistency is only a virtue if you’re not a screw-up.

  • Hailey

    I just watched the pilot tonight of the new Melrose. One word- UNWATCHABLE! It was the worst show I have ever seen. Acting was horrid & the plot was all over the place. And one of the only reasons to watch was killed off in the first 5 minutes. LAME!!!!! How about we kill off all the lame new characters who can’t act & bring back the old- then maybe it will be worth watching. Until then, don’t waste your time. Most hateable character- Riley. So annoying and ugly. Too bad she didn’t get killed off instead of Sydney.

  • Which is greater, twilight or vampire diarys?? they are both vampire romance