Help Recast the Network’s Fall Shows!


Like clockwork, or a second-rate reality TV offering from the CW, it happens every year; The post-network Upfront shuffle. That awkward week following the Upfronts when networks quietly begin to recast and retool the shows they just spent the week touting to advertisers/ media buyers as the Fall’s “Next Big Thing!”

According to the Hollywood Reporter (who is living up to their namesake by reporting), ABC’s FORGOTTEN has jettisoned its lead investigator played by British import Rupert Penry-Jones, NCIS: LOS ANGELES is dropping Louise Lombard and THREE RIVERS is continuing the trend that seems to plague star Alex O’Loughlin (see: MOONLIGHT) by recasting the female lead originally played by Julia Ormond. Changes are also in store for TRAUMA, THE GOOD WIFE and NBC’s 100 QUESTIONS (details of which can be found here.)

Which is where you come in.

In an effort to remind networks and showrunners alike that there are an entire slew of fan favorites who currently find themselves with a little too much free time on their hand, we at thought we could lend a hand by compiling the ultimate list of actors who would make a welcome addition to any of your soon-to-be favorite new fall shows.

Getting the ball rolling, here are some of our personal favorites: Keri Lynn Pratt, Summer Glau, Brian Austin Green, Lena Headey, Liza Weil, Tom Amandes, Joshua Malina, Michael Vartan, Damian Lewis, Lauren Graham, Irene Molloy, and Lindsay Sloane.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

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  • BeatrixK

    Guilty 🙂 GALE HAROLD

  • BeatrixK

    Gale harold

  • Zack

    I hope Marc Cherry will cast Gale Harold for his role as Jackson on DH, but if he doesn’t, then I hope someone else will realize how talented, gorgeous and brillant Gale Harold is and will recast him.
    He’s under used. He can play a very large range of characters.

  • Donna

    Thanks for remembering Gale Harold. Even though he doesn’t really have an organized fan club, he has a world-wide following of loyal fans. I know I am not the only one who has admired Marc Cherry’s compassionate and thoughtful response to Gale’s forced absence to the show. Cherry showed great character by going out of his way to support Gale and by helping him return to the show. Many of Gales fans are hoping to see him in Desperate Housewives next season, or if not, on another high quality show..

  • Abby

    Agree on Damian Lewis and Lee Pace. Would love to see Anna Friel but she’s already turned down network offers and doesn’t want to do tv right now.

  • terri

    If for some reason Gale Harold does not return to Desperate Housewives, I sure hope he ends up somewhere else on my screen! He is a brilliant actor, and is loved by many!

  • Rachael

    THE FABULOUS GALE HAROLD!!!! Put him anything with good writing and he’ll go to town.

  • ducdebrabant

    ABC really does deserve credit for the way they handled his accident. I’m glad somebody said that. But let’s face it, Jackson Braddock — though very winning and sweet — wasn’t the most interesting character Gale Harold has ever played. They were just learning how to exploit Gale’s gifts in the part (a more subtle reactive comedy instead of the farce of going in and out of windows) when he had that disagreement with his motorcycle. If he comes back next season, I’m hoping Jackson will be much better written.

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  • Tia

    I would love to see Gale Harold on another show! I loved him as Jackson in Desparate Housewives and was sad to see him go.

  • S

    Gale Harold!!

  • Sandra

    I would like to see Gale Harold in a show. He´s a very talented actor who deserves to be seen more often on a regulary basis. I´m sad to hear that he won´t be on DH6.

  • Amy

    I will faithfully watch any show that is lucky enough to star Gale Harold!

  • Jackie

    Oh yea…Gale Harold must get back on tv! Whether it’s DH or, what I would prefer, the lead in another series. He’s absolutely the best! Gorgeous & talented.

  • Ana

    Gale Harold, of course! He’s the best actor nowadays. He’s gorgeous and he plays his characters emotions like no one else. He acts with his heart and soul and this is what we need on TV. Please, give Gale a show, so we can be delighted with his acting.

  • Karrina

    Gale Harold =^.^=

    kiss from italy.

  • Jane

    Gale Harold! Where Gale goes, I go.


    Aucune hésitation a avoir GALE HAROLD le best des acteurs
    Il est divin, il joue magnifiquement bien, il est mondialement connu, il au un charisme phénoménal, il séduit tout le monde aussi bien les femmes que les hommes………..IL EST L ACTEUR QUI DOIT ABSOLUMENT MONTER MONTER MONTER ET SE RETROUVER AUX MILIEUX DES PLUS GRANDS…Il en a le talent croyez moi Mesdames & Messieurs les Producteurs…Un vrai GENIE
    Ecoutez les Fans
    Bisous de France





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  • fuge7

    of course, Gale Harold!!! 😀 and as I see, everybody loves him. :))))

  • loops

    I would see again Gale Harold! He is a very talent! I think that he should act in a new tv show!



  • Maga

    Gale Harold es un excelente actor y merece un personaje bien escrito (alguno como Brian, Geoff, Kyle… Nada de ese Jackson). Empecé a ver DH gracias a él pero de veras deseo que le den un rol que haga honor a su talento y carisma.

    Saludos desde Argentina…

  • Sofi

    Gale Harold needs a new show! He is briliant, but DH is for s**t!!

  • Agata

    Lauren Ambrose (incredible on Six Feet Under) and Gale Harold (do I need to ad anything here?).

  • Beth


  • Lucia

    Prefiero ver a Gale Harold en una serie de television donde tenga mas protagonismo y no solo diez minutos como en mujeres desesperadas.El se lo merece porque es un gran actor y ademas su presencia es muy agradable para la vista.