C.T. offers up some random musings from around the dial…
Kudos to you, LAW & ORDER: SVU! About two minutes into the season finale, I was all set to write a piece on how Dick Wolf had made a rare misstep with annoying tech Dale Stuckey, who first appeared earlier this season. I even wanted to suggest that this fall’s season finale revolve around the geek’s murder. And then the show went and pulled the rug right out from under me by turning the guy into a psycho killer. And it was a blast (and a little hawt) to watch Olivia manhandle her sexy partner. But man, did the continuity department do a crappy job where the blood stains on Stabler’s shirt were concerned!
I’M A CELEBRITY’s Stephen Baldwin and the Pratt brats are giving religion the worst rap it’s had since the days of the inquisition. When even Janice Dickinson is disgusted by your behavior, it’s time for a little soul searching.
You’ve gotta love HARDBALL’s Chris Matthews if only because when folks refuse to give him a straight answer, he keeps asking again and again. He gets as frustrated as you and I would with someone’s BS but, unlike most people in his position,he actually calls people on their crap. And unlike Bill O’Reilly, who occasionally does the same thing, he doesn’t do it in a way that belittles or insults the person shoveling the crap.

Geez, EARTH 2100 — the two hour special ABC aired last night — was a major downer, huh? Sure, they offered up a little hope toward the end… but by then, most viewers were probably begging for mercy!
THE BIG BANG THEORY is one of the few currently-airing comedies that I find myself watching in reruns, even if the episode being shown aired only a month or two ago. And not only do I watch, but I laugh just as hard as the first time.

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  • Agree on BBT. I have a lot on DVR so I just watch it.

  • Debsa

    Here’s the real story on “Tech Dale Stuckey” from Law&Order SVU:


  • Sean Storm

    WOW! I wasnt the only one after all! When I started TiVoing my summer sked, I TOO kept BIG BANG THEORY alive in reruns. It’s the only show I am keeping around this summer that I already saw. It’s just so damn funny and really deserves its shot at Emmy love this year.

  • Can’t wait until the next episode, need my Big Bang Theory fix!