In our continued two-pronged effort to (a) provide you with genuine entertainment amidst a summer television landscape that considers I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE quality television and (b) save you money in these troubling economic times comes yet another fantastic giveaway from

DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is now available on Blu-ray and if you’d like to experience the fantastic sophomore season that has Dexter Morgan doing his best to juggle the mysterious and alluring Lila alongside his increasingly complicated relationship with Rita all the while attempting to stay one step ahead of Special Agent Frank Lundy’s search for the “Bay Harbor Butcher” — all you have to do is post away in the comments below with your best guess as to which character is going to be next to find themselves on the wrong end of Dexter’s special brand of justice when the hit Showtime series returns this fall.

One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on June 10, so be sure to enter using a valid email address. Not a winner? DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is now available on Amazon for only $38.99.

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  • Based on past Dexter seasons & the newest casting scoop, I assume Dexter will target the Trinity Killer, aka John Lithgow.

  • Annabel

    Definitely Quinn…they set him up with this mysterious and possible shady past for practically all of season 3 and we still know next-to-nothing about him…I think he’s hiding a dark secret, Debra will be put in harm’s way (yet again), and Dexter will come to the rescue.

  • Heather

    Quinn for sure, he’s getting really close to Deb and he has questionable motivations so I think Dexter will eventually go after him

  • Sheindie

    Quinn will be the one to ‘get it’ I’m sure …DEXTER is my very favorite show …and I can’t wait!

  • Ryan

    I’m not sure I exactly understand the question, but I’ll go with The Trinity Killer.

  • Stephanie

    SP Agent Frank Lundy! Buried with his cucumber/cream cheese sandwich.

  • Chris

    Quinn was used as red herring last season so while i think he’s not the most honest cop, i don’t see him being killed by Dexter. I’d go with MIguel’s brother (if they keep that story around, not sure if they’ll have him trying to avenge his brother’s death) or Lithgow.

  • Do we just enter by leaving a message here?

  • Hil

    The Trinity Killer! But now that I’ve said it it probably won’t happen.

  • OMG, I am a huge Dexter fan!! I’m even considering ordering the fourth book off of amazon uk because it doesn’t launch in north america before september.

  • Whoops! my guess will be Maria given that she has a lot of info about Dexter and Miguel… she just needs to connect the dots! 😀

  • Linda B.

    I’ll say John Lithgow because for the most part, Dexter only kills those that are guilty of something serious.

  • BackStJoe

    Vince Masuka…he will find something on good old Dex!

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m gonna go with this Trinity Killer.

  • Jordan

    Okay, Trinity Killer…but it’ll be quite a chase, and the hunter will become the hunted.

  • Sean Storm

    The obvious is Quinn, but then when was DEXTER ever obvious? Of the current cast, Quinn, though.

  • I think it’s La Guerta. She’s gotten the closest.

  • Ace

    I agree with those that say John Lithgow’s serial killer will probably get it. Dexter does tend to go after the evil.

  • brent

    While Lithgow will probably eventually die… is he NEXT? Hmmm… I’m going to say La Guerta only because it’s hard to think of her in the same way now after her stint on Ugly Betty. Where were the F-Bombs??

  • grumpyoldman

    I don’t know. Showtime isn’t available here. But I did watch, and love, seaon 1 when CBS showed the episodes a few years ago. Please help me!! I need this DVD!

  • Lori Kiser

    Dexter is the best show. Got hooked late, but now I can’t miss an episode.

  • MD

    I’m going to say LaGuerta, only because I am not a big fan of her character.