Adam Lambert Makes it Official… Now Can We Move On?


For those three people who still care, Adam Lambert shocked three people in western Peoria by coming out on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Now that it’s official, maybe we can stop wasting time on this nonsenes and focus on something equally important… you know, like Heidi Pratt’s I’M A CELEBRITY health crisis or Megan Fox’s efforts to legalize marijuana.

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  • Nick

    That’s a really cool cover. I like Adam for his seemingly down-to-earth personality and thoughtful answers. The guy is no dummy.

    What I’d really like to know is, why should ANYONE (celeb or not) ever be asked which sex they’re attracted to? How is it our business in any possible way?

  • Mel

    Actually, I never do think about it — because its NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!

  • Kristen

    What I wanna know is why in the hell he got a cover. You used to have to earn that stuff! Not just sing a couple songs on TV! Don’t get me wrong, I love Idol but that doesn’t count as Rolling Stone cover material. You should AT LEAST have an album out, much less a single!

  • ct

    I think it’s kind of an awful cover. I mean, they trotted out every rock cliche, right down to the snake. And rarely is “up the nose” a good angle for anyone.