Summer Survival Guide: GREEN WING


Seeing as the networks seem completely unable to launch a show that isn’t either part of a successful franchise or ripped-off from the English, we’d like to humbly suggest they take a look at the British sitcom GREEN WING, which can currently be found on Fortunately, you, the blessed readers of this site, don’t have to wait for one of the American networks to do a watered-down version as we’re pointing you toward the original and suggesting it as a fantastic way to fill the void left by summer reruns and your empty DVR que.

Set in the fictional East Hampton Hospital Trust, WING is the rare 60-minute sitcom and twice as funny as any 30-minute offering you’ll find on the American telly. The characters are indescribably quirky and the episodes so quickly paced that they remind one of the old joke often made of New England weather: If you don’t like a particular bit, never fear, the show will have offered you three more before that thought reaches your brain. This is what American television has been fruitlessly for years: a show that virtually dares you to look away, let alone channel surf. Do, and you’ll miss not just something but several somethings.

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  • Josh Emerson

    I’ll have to check this out. One of my favorite TV comedies is a British show called Gavin and Stacey. There is talk of an American version being developed. I can only imagine what that would turn out like.

  • Which is probably great IF you can get Hulu. But as a Canadian (who doesn’t know how to work the system) I can’t.