Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Homes We’d Love To Live In!

1) Southfork
Remember the classic DALLAS episode in which Pam caught a tipsy Sue Ellen pretending to be mistress of the manor as she glided down the main staircase? Well who could blame her! A pool, horses, hot ranch hands… the place had everything!

2) Collinwood
Vampires and werewolves aside, the seaside estate in which DARK SHADOWS was set had a surprisingly homey quality… as long as you stayed out of that room in the west wing and it’s ability to hurtle visitors into a parallel time!

3) 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Home to THE MUNSTERS, the house had a dragon living under the staircase and the one accessory every kid in America thought their own homes should have: an upright coffin that functioned as a telephone booth!

4) Melrose Place
On the plus side, the MELROSE PLACE apartment complex has both a pool and some incredibly hot residents who like to lay beside it half-naked. On the down side, the reasonable rent and lack of tenant screening allows for a fairly high ratio of normal-to-psychopathic residents.

5) Monica Gellar’s Apartment
The New York City pad is huge, bright and has that great terrace on which all your FRIENDS can hang out. Plus, if the cable ever goes out, there’s always ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ to keep you entertained… and give your own ego a bit of a boost.

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  • Off the top of my head, these are some more good homes, in no particular order:
    – The spaceship Serenity from Firefly
    – Nora’s big house from Brothers & Sisters
    – The Playboy Mansion from The Girls Next Door
    – The Cohen McMansion from The O.C.
    – Joyce & Buffy’s house from Buffy:tVS (because I love the bungalow style with craftsmen architecture)
    – Lorelai & Rory’s house from Gilmore Girls (but only if that’s a bathroom instead of a closet between the living room & kitchen; I’d want a bathroom on the main floor)
    – Captain Sheridan’s, Commander Ivanova’s, Ambassador Delenn’s, or Ambassador Mollari’s quarters on Babylon 5 (those four had the best quarters on B5)
    – The executive mansion from The West Wing (although I wouldn’t like what it’d require to live there)
    – If I remember correctly, Tom Baldwin had a pretty nice little house on The 4400
    – The mansion from Silver Spoons, updated from the 80’s, of course, but with the train tracks through the living room left intact
    – The Weston House from some 2008 episodes of This Old House

  • Mario

    A- Sherrif’s Automated house on Eureka
    and… ok i’m a little ashamed to admit this but:
    The Charmed Manor… that place was amazing..

  • LB

    I’d also go with the Cohen house from The OC, or the Echolls house from Veronica Mars. I also wouldn’t mind Serena’s or Blair’s apartments in Gossip Girl!

  • TimWatx

    LOL. Loved the list. I’d like to live at Southfork too. What trouble I could do w/ Bobby and a pool. LOL =) Love the Collinwood choice. I would not choose that one. I’d be too scared. lol Here’s my list: Southfork, Knots Landing (Ben’s beach house), Dynasty (Alexis’s guest house in the early years) – Might as well be in the thick of things. What better place that on the estate? Falcon Crest- Loved the stair case in Angela Channing’s house. Oh I’d have slid down those stairs to Lance! LOL Well, I’m mostly just trying to be amusing. Enjoy!

  • AJ

    definitely charmed manor (don’t be ashamed, mario, lol) or any house that is on a daytime soap.