Don’t Forget about the Return of the KING(S)


Remember way back in March when NBC unveiled KINGS amidst much fanfare… only to quickly shuffle it off the schedule to make room for such high quality fair like reruns of HOWIE DO IT, the Heidi/Spencer national embarrassment that is I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE and of course more DATELINE, the newsmag that’s never met a story it couldn’t turn into a terrifying ‘IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!’

Well, this Saturday at 8PM, KINGS returns and here with a personal message to those who’ve been waiting patiently for the return of the king is the creator himself, Michael Green, who emailed just moments ago:

We are excited to announce that the critically acclaimed drama KINGS will finally return to NBC this Saturday, June 13th at 8pm.

The show’s remaining seven episodes will continue to run weekly, through to the series’ finale on July 25, wrapping up all major storylines.

The episodes include more incredible work from IAN MCSHANE, CHRIS EGAN and the rest of the extraordinary KINGS cast; as well as striking performances by guest stars MACAULAY CULKIN, BRIAN COX, LESLIE BIBB, LEE TURGESEN, and SAFFRON BURROWS.  The episode airing June 20, “THE SABBATH QUEEN” also marks the directing debut of screenwriter/producer AKIVA GOLDSMAN.

From the beginning, your support has been paramount to the show, and we thank you for your contribution to the overwhelmingly positive viewer (and reviewer) response.  What success KINGS enjoyed was only made possible by your efforts in encouraging our viewership.

We are very proud of every episode of KINGS.  We hope you check it out.  We hope you like it.

Many thanks,

Michael Green
Francis Lawrence
Erwin Stoff
Executive Producers, KINGS

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  • Ace

    I’m glad that they are wrapping up all the storylines, that makes me much more excited to watch. I was worried we would have a cliffhanger like some of the other shows canceled this year. I kind of thought the show would work better as an elongated mini-series anyway.

  • wing tezuka

    good to know major storylines will be wrapped up.
    I have started KINGS just two weeks ago (still have 2 episodes to catchup while waiting for this weekend)

  • Margaret

    I’ve already preordered the dvd – great show; glad we’ll get a conclusion though it could have been so much more if the PTB would have let it continue on.

  • Brian

    I can’t believe this show is being canceled. I’m glad they’re finishing most of the story lines but it will inevitably be rushed and not consistent with the quality of the first episodes. It’s unfortunate that a show with actual sustenance and depth should fail to make it while “reality” fodder continues to dominate and pollute the airways. I’m sorry I’ll cut my rant here. I’m just upset with the overall lack of quality in all entertainment venues from tv to music. Sad thing is I’m not even 30 yet, grumpy old man here I come.

  • dj aj

    This is pretty darn disappointing that a good show like this is being canceled.
    This show was better than all the reality shows they have going on at the movement. I’m a celebrity was absolute crap, they need to leave shows like this runninn!

    Anyhow, I’m glad the way they ended it though, it was well put together. Just wish there was more to come…

  • Ngunn

    Just found this show on Hulu. Our whole family really enjoyed this show. My Grandma is really dissapointed that they are not making any new episodes.