Kristen Bell + EVERWOOD = Kate Gosselin


We’re not gonna lie, running one of the web’s most popular television blogs does have its privileges. Take tonight for example — rather than to endure repeats of FLASHPOINT or worse, a new episode of ABC’s highly unfunny SURVIVING SUBURBIA — this TV Addict is reveling in his very own EVERWOOD marathon.

Yup, season two finally comes to DVD this Tuesday, and to kick start the celebration (which rest assured, will culminate in your very-own chance to win a copy of season two on DVD on Tuesday), we simply couldn’t wait to share this photo of episode two’s fashion-forward guest star Kristen Bell! Seriously, Kate Gosselin’s getting credit for what now?!

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  • Kathie

    What a stupid show and she needs a theripist. They are users and she is rude, controlling and THINKS she is a movie star, she is a joke as well is the show. Who gives a shit about kids 5th birthdays or there marriage. We are all in TV land sick of hearing about all of them

    Tell the network to get rid f Katie her whimpy husband and all those spoiled screamy kids. YUK YUK YUK.

  • Niels

    Hehe, Kristen Bell with the fake boobs, that was a cool episode.

  • Charles

    Dr. Abbott got the best line out of this episode.

    “Oh, and good luck with your breasts!”


  • deadringer

    Kristen Bell needs fake boobs!!!