Question of the Day

Is NBC robbing peter to pay paul in an effort to attract eyeballs to their new one-two combo of THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH CONAN O’BRIEN and LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON? That’s the question this TV Addict is left asking after waking up for the fifth consecutive morning in a row to a deluge of “highlights” and “assets” from our friendly neighborhood publicity team at NBC (and their partners in crime, New Media Strategies). Hey, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing that goes with my morning coffee like watching Mark Paul Gosselaar bring Zack Morris back from the dead or Norm MacDonald recount his seedy past with Andy Richter. I just can’t help but wonder… who is staying up until midnight (and yes, I realize I’m old!) when blogs like and web sites such as are delivering what you missed last night with your morning joe?

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  • Ace

    I never make it to midnight either…ahh welcome to the real world. I think Jimmy Fallon’s stunts this week have just been a product of the generation he grew up in. They seem targeted at people who are younger b/c Jimmy is younger. So it is more a product of the host, but NBC is probably cashing in on that.

  • AJ

    I’ve never been a conan fan, and I know his type of humor will NOT fly with my parents’ generation. they’ve been devoted tonight show viewers for decades, but after the first night, they kicked the habit. I watched a little on the first couple of nights, but I think I’m done now, too. conan’s humor works better after midnight, when the viewers are either younger or drunk or punchy from lack of sleep. he’s just not mainstream enough for the 11:30 slot!!!