Tonight’s TV Addictions: June 14, 2009

Why? Because Jeff Garlin and Chelsea Hander guest.

TWILIGHT for adults kicks off its second season tonight with the citizens of Bon Temps worried about another murderer on the loose, Sookie worried about the presence of Bill’s teen protégé Jessica, and this TV Addict worried that his blinds are properly closed so that our nosy neighbors don’t incorrectly assume that we’re watching soft core porn.

Discovery Health profiles four mothers who believed they were pregnant with one child only to end up giving birth to twins! Soon to be followed-up by Discovery Health’s profile of four unemployed OBGYN’s!

Too Legit… too legit to quit… show-business, as evidence by tonight’s new A&E reality series chronicling the life of one Stanley Burrell, better known by his once ubiquitous stage name: MC Hammer.

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  • Josh C.

    omg season 2 premiere of true blood was amazing

  • AJ

    LOL, that’s quite a statement on the current state of TV programming. the TV addict is resigned to watching cable features and reruns. the only “network” show on the list is only there because of the guests, not the show. *SIGH* when does the new season start??? LOL

  • TVFan

    I’m with Josh C.
    True Blood = Awesome

  • Josh C.
    Will be catching up with TRUE BLOOD later in the week, as I kind of spend the entire weekend re-living the second season of EVERWOOD. Yes, I’ve got issues!

  • Ace

    Ha, your comment about True Blood is so true. And I just want to point out that the books are not nearly as bad. Not exactly a show you would want to watch with a parent…

  • I second that emotion about True Blood. I adore Charlaine Harris’ books, but the soft porn in the series is not as interesting to me as the story (thankfully last night had a low Jason is an idiot quotient).

  • shanna

    The DHC stuff on pregnancy is crazy. I watched an episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and I was scarred.

  • Alison

    After seeing your comment, I thought I’d post the comment I put on GMMR…
    Ok, yesterday I watched the first episode of True Blood. I got about 20 minutes through and I had to stop because I felt like I was watching porn! Ok so I am sixteen but I watch almost every primetime show. It’s not like I’m a prude or something, but there are just somethings I do NOT need to see haha. I knew HBO had cursing and nudity but I didn’t really expect that lol. So, my question is, is the whole season like that, should I keep watching?

  • Ace

    Alison — Yes, the show is like that pretty much every week. It is what you should expect from almost all of the shows on the movie networks — HBO, Starz, Showtime… Doesn’t mean they aren’t good, they just feel the need to help out the porn industry.