Where Are They Now? EVERWOOD Edition

With the second season of EVERWOOD being released tomorrow on DVD, where millions of fans will finally learn the outcome of Colin’s life-and-death season-one ending brain surgery (Spoiler Alert! It didn’t go well!) theTVaddict.com thought it might be fun to look back and see, you guessed it, “Where are they now?”

Treat Williams (Dr. Andy Brown):
Following four years of playing a world-renowned brain surgeon turned small-town Doctor that culminated in a happily-ever-after with the literal girl next door Nina Feeney, Williams returned to life-and-death organ transplant surgery with his short-lived TNT series HEARTLAND and can next be seen alongside Teri Polo, Luke Perry, James Van Der Beek, John Larroquette and David James Elliott in the upcoming miniseries THE STORM (NBC, July 26).

Gregory Smith (Ephram Brown):
For a kid who spent four seasons playing a character whose only wish was to escape small town life, actor Gregory Smith has quickly learned that the grass is not always greener following a series of box office duds (Closing the Ring, The Seeker and Boot Camp) post-EVERWOOD. Smith can next be seen in the season finale of ELI STONE airing on July 11, which fans (okay, me) hopes will inspire Smith to return to what he does best: A weekly television series.

Emily VanCamp (Amy Abbott):
There’s something to be said for sticking with what you know and following four years of family drama — the highlight of which included dating a boy in a coma only to spend a season spiraling out of control after said coma boy’s untimely death — VanCamp has done just that. Parlaying her starring role on one Greg Berlanti series into another by joining that crazy Walker clan on BROTHERS & SISTERS and successfully finding the one family whose outbursts could give Andy and Ephram Brown a run for their money. BROTHERS & SISTERS aside, VanCamp can next be seen in the ABC miniseries BEN-HUR, currently shooting in Morocco.

Chris Pratt (Bright Abbott):
Demonstrating much more savvy than his television alter ego, EVERWOOD’s most underrated denizen has continues to find consistent employment on shows such as THE OC and PARKS AND RECREATION thanks to his natural ability to play the lovable loser, not to mention his lack of fear (or is it shame?) when it comes to onscreen nudity for comedic effect.

Tom Amandes (Dr. Harold Abbott):
If the brilliant Tom Amandes taught us anything (besides the obvious, that opening a bagel shop in a small Colorado town, well, not the best of ideas), it’s that if you’re able to play both pompous and arrogant, while remaining likeable and sympathetic, you’ll never run out of job offers. Which is why, after spending four years playing doting father, loving husband and one-half of the original TV bromance courtesy of his unforgettable relationship with Dr. Andy Brown, Amandes has yet to stop working as evidence by a string of guest starring roles in NUMB3RS, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB, THE RICHES, PRIVATE PRACTICE, BOSTON LEGAL and ELI STONE.

Sarah Drew (Hannah Rogers):
Either Sarah Drew is truly as nice as she comes across on-screen, or she’s got some very incriminating photos of a whole lotta high level network execs. How else to explain, you know, outside of talent and unassuming beauty, the amount of work that has come her way since departing from EVERWOOD. Seriously, Drew has yet to catch her breath, with a string of starring roles on COLD CASE, LAW & ORDER: SVU, MEDIUM, MAD MEN, PRIVILEGED, PRIVATE PRACTICE, CASTLE, NUMB3RS, IN PLAIN SIGHT not to mention landing a plum role in the Shonda Rhimes pilot INSIDE THE BOX that currently still finds itself in limbo over on ABC.

Debra Mooney (Edna Harper): Following in Sarah Drew’s footsteps, Debra Mooney has become a serial guest star, dropping by GREY’S ANATOMY, ELEVENTH HOUR, ER, COLD CASE, PUSHING DAISIES, BOSTON LEGAL, PRIVATE PRACTICE, PSYCH and THE CLOSER.

Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeney): Since her EVERWOOD follow up LIFE IS WILD proved to wild (or lowly rated) for the CW, Niznik has made a career out of one-off appearances on GREY’S ANATOMY, CSI: MIAMI, ELI STONE, NCIS and LOST.

Vivien Cardone (Delia Brown): Cardone has earned the distinction of becoming a young Hollywood how-to: By settling with her family in Utah (where EVERWOOD was filmed) and growing up completely normal and tabloid free. Future Lindsay Lohans take note.

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  • TxGowan

    Don’t forget that Treat Williams ALSO showed up for several episodes of Brother & Sisters.

  • ‘Tos

    Tom Amandes will also be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Greek!

    Neat feature. Can’t wait for the DVD.

  • Dear ‘Tos,

    Thanks for the heads up. I completely forgot about that fantastic bit of GREEK casting news.

    And TxGowan,
    I didn’t forget about Treat Williams guest appearance on B&S, simply didn’t mention it because I found it so depressing to see Williams relegated to a forgettable guest starring role so soon after EVERWOOD ended!

  • ‘Tos

    Oh, and Tom is also guest starring in the midseason pilot, The Deep End, for ABC. He’s a busy guy, heh. Which is great, because he rocks.

    Thanks for all you’re doing to promote the DVD release and the show!

  • Isn’t Chris Pratt also engaged or married to Anna Faris? Not that really is much of a career accomplishment, but…. you know. Kind of is?

  • Chuck

    It looks like Gregory Smith is returning to TV in the ABC series “Copper”,midseason 2010…

  • Auds

    Ah, don’t forget Chris had some fantastic roles in Wanted and Bride Wars, and Tom was also a guest star on Grey’s Anatomy! Grey’s just loves to display anyone hehe!

  • Hannah

    As much as I love seeing Sarah Drew’s various guest starring role, I hope to see her as a main character (or supporting at least) on a show so I can see her on my tv more often. She always makes the most of what she’s given.