EVERWOOD: By The Numbers

3.6: Average number of viewers (in millions) that EVERWOOD attracted in their final season.

2.2: Number of viewers (in millions) that the CW’s highly buzzed about GOSSIP GIRL attracted to their recent season finale.

89: The number of episodes that EVERWOOD lasted.

10: The number of episodes RUNAWAY lasted, the CW’s short-lived EVERWOOD replacement. And yes, in case you’re wondering, we’re still bitter.

18: The number of readers who have complained about EVERWOOD overload on theTVaddict.com today.

4: The number of women Dr. Andy Brown dated who then parlayed said role into another very successful television gig. (30 ROCK’s Jane Krakowski, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Marcia Cross, MEN IN TRESS’ Anne Heche and LIFE IS WILD’s Stephanie Niznik)

3: The number of different actors who played Neena Feeney’s son Sam (Ben Hammond 3 episodes, Ryan Armstrong 8 episodes, Jimmy Bennett 3 episodes)

2: The number of cities that stood in for the fictional town of Everwood, Colorado. Fun Fact: While the series was shot primarily in Utah, the original pilot was actually shot in Calgary Canada)

1: The number of EVERWOOD residents currently on twitter. (See: @gregorythesmith

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  • Charles

    Actually, you should change that last one. Rina Mimoun is also on Twitter


  • Charles, I was only thinking of the actors, but thanks for the Rina Mimoun shout-out

  • ‘Tos

    Great article! Although you’re totally cheating counting Stephanie Niznik’s role on “Life as Wild” as a “very successful television gig”! 😉

    Fun hearing about the 18 readers that complained about Everwood overload, heh. Usually us fans are complaining about, uh, under-load, but today has just been a great celebration.

  • ‘Tos,
    Admittedly, calling LIFE IS WILD a success is probably a stretch! But Niznik did score an all expense paid trip to South Africa for a few months to shoot the series which sure sounds like a success in our books!

  • Amy

    There’s no such thing as too much Everwood. Loving all the posts today.

    No EVC on Twitter then?

  • Common Sense

    You forgot one number:

    *1* The number of persons who thought it’d be a good idea to renew deader-than-a-doornail 7th Heaven for a hideous 11th season, based solely on a big series finale rating, instead of beginning a new network with a critically-loved four-year-old family series with lots of life left.

    *1* The number of poor programming decisions it took to get The CW off on a horrible footing with fans. This cancellation was it, Dawn.

  • Chuck

    No complaining about the Everwood overload here! We need more of it.
    According to this website,Greg Smith auditioned for the role of Joseph in the film “Mary,Mother of Christ”….


    I sure hope he gets the part and we see more of him soon in TV(his appearance in the Eli Stone finale airs July 11th on ABC) and movies.
    A talented actor like him deserves more recognition in the big and small screen.

  • Common Sense

    One more number:

    *3* Number of RUNAWAY episodes that aired (out of 10) before The CW mercifully cancelled it.

    It’s not that it was such a bad show. But the backlash of scorned Everwood fans cannot be underestimated. That, and the fact that both WB and CW had trouble finding anything to work at 9pm on Mondays prior to One Tree Hill.

  • Caryn

    I am still bitter too we all should be! It was a great show and was replaced for a canceled show instead they could have done even a half season of Everwood!

  • DB

    Oh tvaddict, why are you making me reliving the painful lost of Everwood and the WB all over again? now i’m all bitter about the dumb moves done by the CW…and cancellation of that other three-season fan favorite series which starred the one time Everwood guest you pointed out in another post. ugh, not to mention that I’m still mourning the dearly departed tv casualties of this season! why are you rubbing salt over my wound 🙁 why oh why!

  • Ace

    I’ve never seen Everwood (sorry! the area I lived in when it started didn’t have the WB…sad life…), but in defense of Gossip Girl iTunes downloads didn’t exist when Everwood was around. Which is one of the main reasons Gossip Girl keeps getting renewed despite their horrible ratings.

  • grumpyoldman

    ?- the number of crappy Lifetime movies Treat Williams has done since the cancellation of Everwood.

  • Ace,
    It make me sad that you have yet to see EVERWOOD! Please do yourself a favor and pick up season 1 on amazon, it’s only $12.95!

    Treat Williams post-EVERWOOD career trajectory makes me very sad. And just wait until you get a load of the NBC movie ‘event’ THE STORM that’s coming out this summer.

  • Ace

    TVA — I’ll put it in on the ‘ol Netflix list, but I have a lot of shows to catch up on…Weeds, True Blood, Big Love, Entourage, and I’m going through 30 Rock at the moment :-O.

  • Silly

    Make it 19!!!
    The Show is done – get over it

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  • Chuck

    Looks like Greg Smith is returning to TV in the Canadian produced series “Copper”,which starts filming in Toronto on July 13 and will air midseason,2010 on ABC…


    “COPPER”- Season 1
    July 13 – Dec. 1/09

    More information about “Copper”…