Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!


“Paging Dr. Grey! No wait, you are more like Joey Potter. No, you’re worse. You’re the F-word. Felicity.” — Ashleigh bemoaning Casey’s romantic indecisiveness on Monday’s GREEK season finale.

Thanks to reader Caryn A. for the Tip!

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  • Zoot

    Oh – there were a LOT of good lines in Greek this week. How about the one Dale had about smelling something and Brimstone? Loved that. Actually – I loved a lot Dale’s lines this week. “We can be gay together!”

  • forg

    Ashleigh is love <3

  • LB

    Definitely one of my favourite lines of the episode – this coming from a Felicity fan!

  • This was full of so much WIN! I love Ashleigh.