SMALLVILLE: The Beginning of the End?


Not to start a panic or anything among SMALLVILLE fans, but… um, yeah, enjoy the upcoming ninth season because chances are, it’ll be the last. Looking to place blame? Thinking maybe the rising production costs (including the ever-growing salary of star Tom Welling) or the shrinking audience (season two averaged 6.3 million viewers a week while the eighth season reached only 3.7 million) will prove to be the show’s kryptonite? Possibly… but it’s beginning to look like an assisted suicide with the network itself playing the role of Dr. Kevorkian.

Why do we say this? Well, the newly-released CW schedule (which you can see after the jump) reveals that the new season will air on Friday nights at 8 p.m. And while we’d love nothing more than to believe this is an attempt by the CW to reclaim the night — once home of CBS’ long-running powerhouses DALLAS and FALCON CREST — from those who’ve proclaimed it a dead zone, the fact that SMALLVILLE is not only the very last show to make its fall debut, but is being paired with reruns of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL would seem to neutralize that theory. Adding insult to injury, the schedule sent out even misspelled the show’s name!

Sorry, folks, but this looks like a death trap that not even the not-quite-yet-a-man of Steel will be able to escape.

Tuesday September 8
8PM: 90210 (Season Premiere)
9PM: MELROSE PLACE (Series Premiere)

Wednesday September 9
8PM: AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (2-Hour Season Premiere)

Thursday September 10
8PM: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” (Series Premiere)
9PM: SUPERNATURAL (Season Premiere)

Monday September 14
8PM: ONE TREE HILL (Season Premiere)
9PM: GOSSIP GIRL (Season Premiere)

Wednesday September 16
9PM: THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Series Premiere)

Friday September 25
8PM: SMALLVILLE (Season Premiere)

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  • Ace

    For me, the end of Smallville came about 3 years ago when I stopped watching. Between Lana “dying” and supergirl making her way onto the show, it was just not good anymore. It might also have died for me b/c I was 17 when the show started and am not that young anymore…

  • Niels

    It stopped for me 3 years ago as well, but last season was awesome again.
    Every episode Lana wasn’t in was great. I loved to see Lois and Clark work together and the Doomsday storyline. Looking forward to next season, see what they can come up with.

  • Tired Smallville fan

    Season 5 was the last time Smallville was really good. It should have ended with Vessel, the S5 finale. Everything has been downhill since.

    I love Chloe and Clark, but not nearly as much as I use to. Davis was a good addition. If he’s gone and not going to return, then I’m not excited about next season. I have never liked Lois and I find it harder to watch the more she is on the show. The show has lost what made me like it to begin with. Season 9 should not happen.

  • forg

    I’m curious if Smallville could pull in still 3-4 million viewers on that schedule. I hope it will and if it does I hope they will junk the encore of ANTM to use that slot for a other shows. The ratings are down but that show is their highest rated scripted series for the CW

  • Elleesttrois

    Agreed w/ Tired SV fam. This poor show should have been out of its misery years ago. As much as I love Tom as Clark, the quality has been job none for years.

  • Put him in tights- let him fly arround & then call it quits!!!

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  • JohnnySaysSo

    I’ve always been a big fan of smallville, and season 8 didn’t change my mind at all. i loved it, and I love the fact that continuity has completely gone out the window. I mean, if every superman story has to be the same as the last, what’s the point of retelling the tale. I will miss it. I hope the actually let clark hall off and punch something for once. And I hope clark can take a bit of advice from the great philosophers of REO Speedwagon …. “I believe it’s time for me to fly!”

  • J R

    It’s sad that these naysayers feel it’s necessary to write negative comments, hypersensitivity or self-absorbtion? who knows …the truth is this is currently the best SciFi on television and about ten times better than anything Shy littlebeef has been in…sorry…at least Welling doesn’t hate the role like the cast of Spiderman….and that’s because it is well written, has the fabric of reality and an ongoing thread of story and emotional anchors…it’s complexity makes it fulfilling to watch repeatedly, similar to Farscape in that regard…these people now complaining will be the first to complain when its really over…keep up the good work guys!

  • Goembel

    Well I must say that it has been a great run, but it is time for the show to go out with a bang, rather than drag out hopelessly and fade away a blur. The cast and crew have done a good job of showing us clark and superman in a different light. Granted no human is superhuman, but the smallville saga has demonstrated that even superhumans would face many of real lifes challenges. It is trully a show that demonstrates the good moral and ethics that real humans should.

  • Wayne

    I too fear that putting Smallville on Friday night might be it’s death nail, however, the actors and actresses are extremely good and there is so much more to the story of Superman to end it now. Hopefully, the ones calling for the shows end will be proven wrong, and we will have more good years left. One commenter stated that he was 17 when the show started, so he feels that that may be the reason he no longer cares for the show. I believe that statistics show that teens are a fickle bunch. Me, I’m a long way from teen hood, and I suspect there are others like me out there, and we have a different perspective. Someone mentioned not caring for the actress playing Lois. I think part of the problem is that we had a very mature and sexy and attractive Lana Lane and it has been difficult for the writers to switch us over to Lois Lane because, though well endowled, she is protrayed as being rather immature. I do think that it was working when they Lois began to appear jealous of Clark giving attention to other women. It was working, but then the writers gave into pressure and brought back Lana Lang. As much as I love Lana, it is time to get back to the relation between Clark and Lois. I’m reminded of a former series, Lois and Clark, in which there was a wonderful protrayal of the love afair between these two. Unfortunately, this series was ended too soon, so let’s not do the same with Smallville because I think there is so much more that can be done with it.

  • Darryl B. Chambliss

    I am a true fan of Smallville and I love to read what others are saying about the show. In my opinion, whether the new time slot will ultimately prove to be the end or not, I just sincerely hope that the writers aren’t out of story lines, for there are so many avenues to explore, even if they veer off the actual Superman story, the true fans will continue to watch the show. One aspect we do need to have is for Clark to take flight, which in my opinion, will open up more stories. the challenge would be how to separate Clark and the man of steel. We all know the true history of the love between Lois and Superman, however with the beautiful Lana Lang, it was great and quite different from the original. So I’m eagerly awaiting the season premier. If this proves to be the last chapter for the show, no worries, for how many shows today have had such a great run.

  • Gil Pagan

    I am 61 years old.I always liked Superman and I thought
    smallville was the best show on tv the past few years.
    The way it has been presented has been refreshing because
    they did not just repeat the same old story.They added just enough to keep you intersted, If they just put a cape on him and send him flying,there would be nothing more.I would surely miss this show if it went off.

  • I have missed Smallville. Last season was too short and the time lapse between has lost momentum. I hope the new season will keep going and improve. The shows keep hinting he will fly and wear a Superman costume. The hinting has gone on far too long. If that ends the program so be it. Seems like each show is too much the same now, each trying to be more sensational, and stooping to immorality. Just how many cryptic figures can they come up with? If it continues or ends, either way it will need a new twist to be successful.

  • John Quarles

    I believe the writers are doing a good job at making this Smallville storyline a different telling of the story of Superman–sorta like the comic books sometimes go into different stories as with Superman vs Predator. I no longer believe that Smallville is the story of how Superman became Superman. I like how the writers try to bring characters like Toyman and Impulse into the story. I would have liked to have seen a death battle between Clark and Doomsday–in which Clark finally started to fly–but we are not seeing that yet. I believe that we need to see Clark fly. It is also time to start him wearing glasses–how else can he have two identities. I am 34 years old, and I have been a fan of Superman since Superman the movie with Christopher Reeve. I have all the episodes of Superman the tv series with George Reeves–from Nick at Night–when I was just a teenager–so I have been following his life for sometime. I even opened the black bagged Doomsday edition as soon as I got it. So please WB/the CW don’t ruin this Superman for us. We love Superman–we just hope that you love his story as much as we do.