Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Scientists


1) The Professor, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND
2) Dr. Sheldon Cooper, THE BIG BANG THEORY
3) Dr. Walter Bishop, FRINGE
4) Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, THE MUPPET SHOW
5) Bill Nye The Science Guy

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  • Ace

    My list:

    1) Walter, Fringe
    2) Daniel, LOST
    3) Jeffersonian staff, Bones
    4) Sheldon, BBT
    5) Phil/Lem, Better Off Ted

  • TVFan

    I can’t believe you left off…

    1) Bruce Banner, INCREDIBLE HULK
    2) Any one of the citizens from EUREKA
    4) Professor Frink, THE SIMPSONS
    5) Professor Farnsworth, FUTURAMA

  • bws

    YES to FARNSWORTH. Especially since Futurama is coming back. But if you’re only using current scientists, the list gets a little more difficult.

    BTW, I’m enjoying these random posts. It’s the summer. What else do we have, really?

  • Tom

    Abby Sciuto from NCIS, definately!

  • AJ

    1 – the professor
    2 – shedon (and the other boys from BBT)
    3 – abby (tag team with ducky)
    4 – bill nye the science guy
    5 – carl sagen (astronomer)

  • LB

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper, For The Win!

    I also would add Daniel Faraday.