TV News That’s News To Us!

Did you know that… WEEDS star Mary-Louise Parker was originally offered the role of Susan Myers on the hit ABC show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? [Source: AVclub]

Did you know that… T.R. Knight has yet to learn who David Caruso is? And by that we mean, how else to explain Knight’s completely asinine decision to ask ABC to let him out of his GREY’S ANATOMY contract and leave the show that transformed him from a nobody into a household name. [Source: EW’s Michael Ausiello]

Did you know that… Spencer and Heidi Pratt are not, as we originally suspected, illiterate? As evidence by today’s announcement by the unstoppable organism known as Speidi that they’ve co-written a book together. [Source: Access Hollywood]

Did you know that… Oprah is no longer the most powerful celebrity in the world? [Click here to find out who is!]

Did you know that… SNL’s Seth Meyers is Twittering the summer away? [see: @sethmeyers21]

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  • Ace

    Thank goodness that Ms. Parker held out for something better!

    Can we just ignore Speidi’s existence? Maybe they are like tinkerbell and disappear if people stop believing in them.

  • Nick

    That Forbes list is crap. Angelina the “most powerful?” Over Oprah? In what universe? And Tyra not even on the list? Come ON.

    Hopefully the Speidi book will suffer the same fate as the new A-Rod expose. The first printing was 150,000….and sold about 15,000. hee hee Americans aren’t so dumb as to buy anything Speidi, are they?