Really!?! Brian Austin Green Edition

brian austin green
Brian Austin Green at Comic Con 2008

Really Brian Austin Green, REALLY!?! You turned down a series regular role on ONE TREE HILL in lieu of a two-episode guest stint on SMALLVILLE, a series that (as we wrote yesterday) is already on the way out. Really!?!

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  • Nick

    As Stewie Griffin once said: “THAAAANK you.”

  • Bravo to the Notorious B.A.G. on this one! I don’t think he should be on Smallville, but better have a two episode commitment rather than get roped into a show like One Tree Hill.

    I think Green needs some new representation. He lived under the umbrella of David Silver for so many years. With his stint on T:SCC he really had people in the industry looking at him with new eyes. Why would he ruin that by going on a show like One Tree Hill? I don’t think Smallville is the right choice either, but again, at least he’s not beholden to it as a series regular.

    Why not take Brian’s new acting cred out for a spin and get him some better roles. He’s proved with Sarah Connor that he’s more than capable.

  • I agree with the above. BAG has a lot more going for him than OTH and although I won’t be catching him on Smallville either (never liked it), OTH would have been worse. They are falling fast off a cliff though hopefully losing Pucas might sustain them a bit longer.

  • Ace

    I’ve never liked OTH, so I don’t blame him for taking a short stint on Smallville rather than getting bound to OTH. Poor, poor Robert Buckley is always joining shows that get canceled. I’m betting this time won’t be any different.

  • Hil

    Brain needs to land on a show I’ll watch. So no OTH. At least Smallville is a small commitment. I am hoping for a proper drama. I’m crossing my fingers for you, BAG!

  • Silly

    the reason why he is not doing one tree hill is because fans didnt want him – they all boycotted him on the internet and thats when he refused to sign the contract

  • Abby

    He may not want to be tied down until he finds out if the CW is going to air The Body Politic at mid-season. Here’s hoping!

  • luke

    He didn’t just turn down One Tree Hill, he turned down 1.5 million dollars. For doing that, I say REALLY?!?!

  • Hils

    If he landed on a series like LOST that 1.5 mil would be nothing. Usually people are saying actors should turn down bad jobs and not go for the money. Which is it? I know Christian Bale would have been better taking last year off after reading the Terminator script. You can’t have it both ways. BAG must know what he is doing with his career if he decided to avoid that show.

  • Josh Emerson

    I would’ve liked to have seen him on OTH. Although I thought the show was terrible, he and Summer Glau were the best things about Terminator.

  • Jen

    Really?! Smallville? At least join a show that has SOME dignity left in it. Although, thinking about it, the only show on The CW that isn’t totally laughable is Supernatural. Oh well. At least he only has to do 2 episodes of Smallville and ditch it quick instead of being forced to do an entire season of OTH.

  • Mel

    Am I missing something or isn’t Smallville still the number one scripted show on the CW?? Why wouldn’t he rather appear on the 1st place show than the 3rd or 4th runner up?

  • why not OTH?

    it has nothing to do with any fans or what so ever or some lame boycot action like Silly says….that, that’s just ”silly”
    i went for Smallville a stint of a couple episodes you know many people forget the fact that i have a son wich i choose to be more around him and not miss out his live and the fact that i would wanna be known for anything different as 90210….no matter where i go or what i’ll do they always remember me from 90210 it’s just something what’s part of me and i geuss i’ve to cherish that part

    have a great morning everyone
    Brian A. Green