The CW Responds to Our Open Letter to Dawn Ostroff

In response to our Open Letter to Dawn Ostroff that we posted yesterday, CW Executive Vice President, Network Communications Paul McGuire left a comment that we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. (And not just because we think it’s really really cool that the who’s who of Hollywood reads!)

Wait until you all see the new shows. Life UneXpected and Vampire Diaries are classic WB and perfect for CW. Life will remind many of Felicity, Gilmore and Juno. Melrose Place is just plain Fun. Full disclosure–I work for The CW. I also worked at The WB, including Everwood, GG, Smallville et. al, and our new shows have great potential. It isn’t easy building a network–especially in the digital age–but we are well on our way. See what you think a year from now. Thank you.


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  • Lundy

    I think that it may be too late for me. With the cancellation of Reaper, I wonder why would I start watching something new on the CW? Every time I start showing loyalty to a show, they cancel it.

  • Props to McGuire for reaching out and addressing your concerns. As for the lineup…well, we’ll see. 😛

  • igniteaspark

    he didn’t mention The Beautiful Life!!!!!!!! =(

  • Fangirl_Says

    Psst: your link to the post from yesterday is pointing to this post instead.

  • Nick

    I agree, ignitespark: CW needs to bring more attention to The Beautiful Life. It’s receiving the best reviews of all the series, and one writer said the script is “better than anything the network has EVER done.” Check out this rave:

    And Paul, you know you would’ve made a lot of people happy with Reaper following Smallville on Fridays, instead of that repeat.

  • nctodc

    It’s going to take me a while to get over some of the CW’s recent cancellations and the decision not to pick up “The Body Politic.”

  • “Life will remind many of Felicity” – Okay…
    “…, Gilmore” – Better…
    “…, and Juno.” – Hell to the no.

  • Ace

    I appreciate him responding to our concerns, but I completely agree with Nick. They would have been much better served following Smallville with Reaper (or Privileged!) rather than a repeat of ANTM. I”m going to try a few of the new shows, but none of them really interest me. And as a 25 year old female, I’m pretty much in their key demo…

  • Ace

    And am I the only one who has no idea what Life UneXpected is? His comment is the first I ever heard of the show and I’ve been paying attention! And I even went to IMDB to figure out what it was and it doesn’t exist…

  • shara says

    Whatever. I am going to hold a very long grudge against all the folks who cancelled Veronica Mars. That was, IMO, the biggest sin the network committed – basically an unforgivable offense. My thought was to boycott the network entirely, but Supernatural is a fantastic, incredible show that deserves a loyal following. It is my understanding that they cancelled Everybody Hates Chris too, which was another redeeming feature of the network.

  • shara says

    I’ve never heard of Life UneXpected either.

  • shara says

    Plus they cancelled Reaper! God. So, that leaves me watching 3 CW shows – Smallville, Gossip Girl, and Supernatural (and I don’t keep up with Smallville or Gossip Girl weekly, just on post-season DVDs), rather than 6 (Smville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Reaper, Veronica Mars, Everybody Hates Chris). Apparantly Smallville’s on its way out next season, so they’d better have some darn good shows or they’re gonna basically be phasing me out as a viewer over the next few years.

  • Nick

    Shara, why don’t you turn your anger on viewers who just refused to watch Veronica Mars? It got three seasons, which is more than, say, Terminator, but a 1-rating just doesn’t cover the cost of production.

    And please tell me that Life Unexpected is not the 5th new title for midseason drama “Parental Discretion Advised.” Pick a name and stick with it.

  • I agree with the other two posters. I’m more interested in The Beautiful Life.

  • Christine

    It was very nice that Paul McGuire took the time to post and address concerns. It still doesn’t win me over though. There hasn’t been anything on the CW in years that I’ve found worth watching and this season doesn’t change that. Regardless of the quality of the shows they’ve picked up, it still doesn’t do anything to change my impression that they’re vastly underestimating their audience’s intelligence–not that they’re the only network to do so. I, for one, though am not prepared to lose brain cells in order to watch a television show. Give me something of substance, CW–rather than the petty, manipulative drama of Melrose or the vastly uninteresting world of fashion–and we’ll talk.

  • NikkiHolly

    I agree that Life UneXpected (or Parental Discretion Advised) is all of those things, and that makes it fantastic….which makes me wonder why it was put on for midseason. That’s not exactly a vote of confidence. Life is midseason and Body Politic wasn’t picked up at all. Your demographic is young women, correct? Well, as your target demographic (a 16 year old girl) I’d like to let you know that The CW has enough shows about rich girls getting drugged up, sexed up and knocked up. I’m not saying to stop making shows like that because clearly the formula works, but it’s getting way overdone. Too much of a good thing, you know?

    Body Politic showed young adults who were really doing something with their lives that didn’t involve going to a club every night. Life doesn’t seem to have characters with trust funds and townhouses. Like you said, it’s a lot like Gilmore Girls. Keep in mind that Gilmore Girls outlasted many of the teen dramas that aired on the WB over the years. So here you have two shows that go outside the typical CW formula. One is dropped completely while the other is put midseason (which is often considered a death sentence). What is picked up is more shows with young girls getting drugged up, sexed up, and (most likely) knocked up. I’m not going to watch shows that are all so similar. It’s like eating the same meal every day. You get sick of it. Me and my friends? We’re kind of getting sick of the CW’s programming.

  • Common Sense

    Hmm, Nikki makes a point. How much One Tree Gossip 90210 Melrose can a person take? I certainly hope there’s some differential between the shows this fall, and I don’t mean varying degrees of boredom (cough…OTH, 90210…cough). In the network’s defense, it’s GOT to be hard to maintain four such-similar shows, isn’t it? Storylines are inevitably going to be compared, etc. That’s why the Beautiful Life offers a ray of hope….new surroundings, a new premise.

    Bottom line, if you’re specializing in prime time SOAPS, you’d better make them SOAPY. Otherwise, why are we watching?

  • tao

    If you watch the promo videos from the CW with all the shows. It looks like one and only show. OTH, Gossip girl, 90210, Melrose. All the same storylines, same kind of characters. There two differents shows on the CW : The one with rich girl and the one with paranormal dude.

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  • juliet

    Thank you for your response Paul McGuire but i am not convinced, your shows not interest me (maybe beside Supernatural with this BTVS vibe) and i am a girl in your target audience age. Maybe you underestimate your potential audience INTELLIGENCE : it’s disappointed.
    And stop people with the Veronica Mars low ratings : this show had the same ratings as Gossip Girl and it is now your show who is the most promoted.
    You didn’t pick up Body Politic because it was too clever, it’s a bummer i don’t think the next time you will be so lucky to find a cast like that, they will become big ( they already are actually) without CW. You just lost your luck.

  • Jen

    I’m still upset that Everwood was cancelled. After that, the “CW” ceased to exist for me. I literally deleted it from my TV, and have never gone back (and won’t. Ever.)

    Glad that season 2 was finally released on DVD – I started watching midway through season 2, so the beginning episodes have been literally like a gift from heaven to me 😉 – brand new episodes I’d never seen, and very cool in filling in the gaps between season 1 and where I picked up the show. It still makes me cry though ;-)))) especially now, knowing what’s in store for each character…. it’s very bittersweet.

    Cancelling EW made absolutely no sense. Zip. I still can’t see how that decision was made. And, not only has the CW lost me forever, but honestly, anything that I ever hear of that involves Dawn Ostroff, I will literally RUN as fast as I can from, and advise everyone I know to do the same.

    *Still mourning Everwood*

  • lallaison

    thats my uncle! ahah