Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Familiar Faces You Might Not Have Known Are Returning to TV This Fall

1. FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane appears in the FLASH FORWARD pilot, as an FBI man who according to reports, sounds eerily familiar to some dog he may-or-may-not-be famous for voicing.

2. SNL’s Chris Kattan drops by COUGAR TOWN as a supportive friend to chief cougar Courteney Cox.

3. As a senior partner at the prestigious Chicago law firm where THE GOOD WIFE currently finds herself employed, Christine Baranski not surprisingly makes Alicia Florrick’s life, well, not so good.

4. Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington plays the titular character’s neighbor on THE CLEVELAND SHOW. Who, we should probably mention, is a religious talking bear.

5. Straying far from his KYLE XY roots, Matt Dallas and his belly-button returns to TV as man-candy for one of the lovely ladies of EASTWICK.

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  • Karen

    I hope that ABC is smart enough to make Matt a regular on Eastwick. His fans are eager to see him on TV again. What new show couldn’t use another million or so devoted viewers? If Matt is just in the pilot, I’m afraid the airing of that pilot will have inflated numbers due to all us MD fans tuning in. I sure won’t watch the show after the pilot if Matt isn’t a regular and neither will a lot of other MD fans.

  • ILJR

    I’ll be tuning in to Eastwick just to support Matt Dallas.