Fall Preview 09: MODERN FAMILY


You’ve seen the commercials. You’ve heard the hype. Now there’s only one thing you want to know: Which of the new fall shows are worth watching and which should be avoided at all costs? In this continuing series, we give you the scoop on some of the most highly-anticipated shows of the season. Which will be the next GREY’S ANATOMY… and which will be the new JOEY? Next up, proof that ABC’s comedy development paid off with a first look at MODERN FAMILY.

Why We’ll Watch: Shot in the now all too familiar documentary style, MODERN FAMILY is ABC’s answer to THE OFFICE and what you get when you marry a ridiculously smart script from veteran scribes Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd (JUST SHOOT ME, BACK TO YOU) with a cast of immensely likable actors including Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell (Who play a married couple with three kids), Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet (Playing a gay couple on their way home from Vietnam having just adopted a baby) and Ed O’Neill and Sofa Vergara (Who play newlyweds with more than a few years in between them).

What We’ll Fast Forward Through: Absolutely nothing! In fact, if you’re anything like this TV Addict, the only button you’ll be reaching for is the rewind button. In order to re-watch laugh-out-loud moments courtesy of Ty Burrell’s self-proclaimed “cool dad” who likes to illustrate said coolness by re-enacting scenes from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for his mortified brood and a twist ending that is guaranteed to have you not only smiling, but quite possibly singing as well.

Watch Live or DVR: Both! Because MODERN FAMILY is proof positive that ABC, the home of genre-defining ratings juggernauts such as ROSEANNE and HOME IMPROVEMENT is still capable of developing what is sure to be a lasting comedy that doesn’t feature some fat guy named Jim.

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  • Amy

    I didn’t really wanna watch this but after reading your review I will definatly check it out

  • Such a great pilot. Definitely on my “What to Watch This Fall” list.

  • REA

    I really flipped after watching this pilot. It was very funny and inventive. Plus, insightful. All the mean, strange things that happen feel real. You’d believe these characters would do that or say that.

    This show is a gem.

  • Really one of the best shows. I had a lot of fun watching this.