Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons TV Might Not Suck This Weekend


1. ELI STONE makes its long awaited return to ABC this Saturday with a road trip (10PM, ABC)

2. A blackout gives David and Michele some much needed alone time on KINGS (8PM, NBC)

3. Unlike Twilight, TRUE BLOOD it’s a vampire love story adults don’t have to be embarrassed too about (9PM, HBO)

4. A younger, better looking version of MERLIN welcomes viewers to The OC Camelot B*tch! (8PM, NBC)

5. The premiere of KILLER HAIR, a TV-movie based on the bestselling books by Ellen Byerrum, on the Lifetime Movie Network. Think MURDER, SHE STYLED. (8PM, LMN)

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  • I’m still not buying the Merlin thing but would you believe I kinda wanna see “Killer Hair!”
    True Blood is a given after last week’s premiere.
    I don’t watch Kings yet…. I guess I need to get into it. People seem to like it!


  • Josh C.

    hey hey hey hey hey……..eli stone is my fav brilliant but cancelled series and true blood has been phenomenal lately