5 Questions with MAKE IT OR BREAK IT Star Candace Cameron Bure


As ABC Family gets set to unveil their new original series MAKE IT OR BREAK IT tonight, your very own TV Addict had the chance to do something that his ten-year old self would be like, OMG, so totally jealous of! Talk to our childhood crush FULL HOUSE’S DJ Tanner actress Candace Cameron Bure. Here’s what we learned:

On what brought Candace Cameron Bure back to television.
After tackling her life’s most important role to date, that of mother to three genetically blessed children, her husband Valerie Bure’s retirement from the National Hockey League (NHL) was what allowed her to get back in front of the camera. “It’s always been very important for me as a parent to have one of us stay at home with our children,” explained Cameron Bure. “And when ABC Family came to me and presented MAKE IT OR BREAK IT I found an instant connection with the show because it’s based on competitive sports, a world that I’ve been in for the past 13 years and know well since my husband was a professional athlete.”

On the parallels between competitive sports and acting.
Whether you’re hitting your mark on camera or on the balance beam, there is a fine line between success and failure. A line, that as it turns out has very little to do with the child, and much more to do with the parents. Something Candace Bure knows all-too-well having grown up on FULL HOUSE and spent the last twelve years married to a NHL player. “The parents really will determine whether they can navigate a child through show-business and/or through competitive sports well. Trying to balance the child’s life of what’s right, how much is enough, when too keep pushing, it’s all very similar.”

On how she managed to stay out of the tabloids.
Which probably explains how Candace Bure (unlike her fictional small screen siblings: Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen Twins) came out of that awkward child star phase with nary a scratch. “My parents were parents first, then didn’t set out for me to become a television star. They just placed the importance on family, God and our faith. That’s what molded me into the woman I am today, so I can carry those values and try to teach my kids the same principles.”

On how she’ll react when her own children ask to go ‘pro.’
“My kids have no choice, they’re going to be either actors or athletes!” joked Candace Bure who clearly understands what it must be like to have kids who have seen the benefits first hand of having a mommy and a daddy who have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective fields

On the possibility of a FULL HOUSE reunion.
“I don’t think there will be a reunion show. I don’t think the whole cast is on board.” revealed Cameron Bure, who was also quick to add her two cents (“It sounds a little odd”) on the recent news that FULL HOUSE co-star John Stamos wants to develop a FULL HOUSE movie with an entirely new cast. “I don’t think the show is quite old enough to have other people playing us. But who knows.”

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT premieres on ABC Family Monday June 22 at 9PM following the second season premiere of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER

  • Mel

    Any chance we’ll get this show in Canada?

  • Just Jody

    Yes, I 2nd Mel’s comment. Any word if a Canadian network will be picking up Make it or Break it?

  • To Mel, Just Jody and the rest of you Canadian TV Addicts,

    At this time I have no knowledge of any Canadian network picking up MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. And what’s worse is that I wouldn’t hold my breath for a network to pick it up anytime soon.

    Canadian Networks currently find themselves cash poor due to the economic downturn, which means shows that might have found a home in Canada simply aren’t being picked up.

    Ie. CanWest (Showcase) still has yet to get back to me with regards to when we can expect WEEDS new season to air. Why? Because CanWest is broke and probably can’t afford to pay for it right now.

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  • Jenna

    I LOVED Full House and loved DJ – and am just so glad that Candace is back on TV again. I watched the premiere of Make It or Break It last night and really enjoyed the show. It makes me wish I was a gymnast!

    Did anyone else catch it? Definitely worth adding to your summer line-ups, IMO.

  • rachel

    i love full house soo much! i loved joey and d.j.they were all soo funny! i am glad shes back

  • Heyhey10

    love full house omg and the girls of full house