Michael Taylor’s Top 10 Reasons to Check Out VIRTUALITY


Veteran television producer Michael Taylor (STAR TREK VOYAGER, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CAPRICA) is no dummy. He understands how the television industry works and knows all too well that the only way VIRTUALITY (the show in which he co-created with BSG’s Ron Moore) has a shot of getting picked up as a regular series is if the fans tune into the pilot two-hour movie that FOX is dumping airing tomorrow night at 8PM.

“I think all of the online attention is important. Letter-writing campaigns, all that stuff, is wonderful. But really, it’s eyeballs on televisions on Friday night. That’s what it comes down to. People have to turn out and watch this show,” explained Taylor in an interview posted earlier today on HITFIX.com, “There’s a big audience out there and if FOX sees a hint of that big audience, or more than a hint, it could be a series.”

Which is why this TV Addict wanted to do his part by sharing with you Taylor’s Top 10 Reasons to check out VIRTUALITY — in the hopes that in turn, you’d share it with a friend or two via your blog, facebook, twitter etc. After-all, the success of quality fare like VIRTUALITY means less room for FOX to continue to contribute to television’s downfall with reality TV like MORE TO LOVE, the reality show which chronicles a ‘regular’ guy’s search for love among a group of real women, which incidentally comes to a small screen near you on Tuesday, July 28 at 9PM on FOX.

10. Free “Friend of Ron Moore” ball cap (normally only available on “Ron Moore Day” at Dodgers stadium).

9. Get reserved seats at the hottest panel at Comicon next year!

8. Receive your very own easy-to-assemble Starship Phaeton, no pilot’s license needed to operate provided you stay within the solar system and always wear a helmet.

7. What else are you gonna do on a Friday night? Um, okay, so maybe that’s a crappy reason but hey, that’s why it’s up here at number 7.

6. Yes, I know, by asking you to forward this message I’m essentially involving you in a pop culture pyramid scheme. But look at it this way: You’re getting in on the ground floor! So after this letter has propagated for 10 generations, you’ll be able to tell, um, 100 billion people “I told you so” when they write back to say they liked the show!

5. It’ll give my Mom something to brag about.

4. By staying in and watching the show, you’ll save gas and help save the environment! It’s socially responsible!

3. After watching the show, you too will be able to use the word “virtuality” in a sentence!

2. Because if enough people watch the show this Friday, there’s a decent chance it’ll actually get to become a full-blown TV series. And the number one reason to check out “Virtuality” on Friday and encourage your friends to do the same:

1. ’Cause it’s a frakkin’ cool show!

Source: The Good Ship Phaeton and HitFix

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