Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Commercials That Make Us Think About Things We Don’t Wanna Think About

1) Charmin: We don’t particularly like focusing on which toilet paper “leaves fewer bits behind.”
2) Any Erectile Dysfunction Ad: Something no man should ever have to think about.
3) Ashley Madison: Making adultery fun. Your mom’s must be so proud.
4) Burger King: You never know where that creepy oversized BK mascot is going to show up. And that’s freaky on many levels.
5)  Axe Body Spray: Their new outting has women biting off body parts of a man made of chocolate. OUCH!

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  • Ace

    Wait… Commercials? What are those? 😛

  • Megan

    LMAO. I agree with all of the above, That new axe commercial is creepy. And the smell of the new axe is not at all attractive.

  • Ace,
    Great comment!

  • Linda B.

    My husband HATES those BK commercials. He says the king creeps him out. lol 🙂

  • Nick

    How about those “side effects” of certain prescription drugs:

    “May cause anal leakage, stroke, blood clots and heart attacks.”

  • Ace

    Thanks :).