Tonight’s TV Addictions: June 25, 2009

Always quick to capitalize report on a tragedy, ABC will air a prime-time special about Jackson’s life at 9PM, followed by FARRAH FAWCETT: HER LIFE, HER LOVES, HER LEGACY, a special edition of 20/20 hosted by Barbara Walters.

Over on NBC, the peacock network will dedicate the 9-11PM slots to retrospectives on both Jackson and Fawcett’s remarkable careers while CBS will air a prime-time special on Jackson at 10PM which may also include coverage on Fawcett’s career.

While Michael is away infilitrating a gang in order to take down a highly sought-after criminal, Sam must face down his most challenging foe yet: The IRS (Da-Da-Duh!)

Two more dancers have their dreams crushed on national television. Awkward.

  • elizabeth krall

    I watched the philanthropist last nite-and found it incredibly annoying. The storyline was far-fetched and the actor mumbled making whatever he said unintelligible. Is there no talent left in American television? Must everything be imported from the Brits?

  • Ace

    It is so creepy that newspapers have obituaries completely prepared for every celebrity in case they die. But hour long TV tributes hours after the person dies is just insane. At least with Farrah they knew this was coming so they could prepare something. It has to be weird to be that famous and know that news outlets are completely ready should you pass away unexpectedly.