Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!


“He’s a p***y! He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.” — said TRUE BLOOD’s resident blood-sucker in a new interview with Marie Claire with regards to New Moon Rob Pattinson.

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  • Silly

    SO? Who drinks diet coke? Mostly hot girls
    They would let Rob suck on them but not him – jealous much?

  • Ace

    Oh yes, I’m sure he cries himself to sleep next to Anna Paquin every night. 😉

  • sunny_day

    Twilight and True Blood are not for the same audiences, so why so much hate? Would he have said the same for Angel or Spike from the buffyverse? Maybe he don’t like the character, but Twilight is still hella popular with tweens and teenages girls!

  • shanna

    So true. Way to go! RPattz’s Edward is the epitome of watered down. Those books could have been much more interesting put to film.