Good News: According to TLC, Jon and Kate Gosselin will no longer be speaking to the media in an effort to focus soley on the needs of their family. Bad News: Rest assured, that’s not about to stop People, Us Weekly, InTouch, Star and OK! magazine from covering the family thanks to the now ubiquitous “sources close to Jon & Kate…” [Source]

Good News: BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT phenom Susan Boyle has reportedly been offered a cameo on the new season of UGLY BETTY. Bad News: Three words: Jump. The. Shark. [Source] According to ABC, rumors of Susan Boyle appearing on UGLY BETTY have been greatly exaggerated. And by that we mean, false!

Good News: Over the weekend, VIRTUALITY made headlines for FOX. Bad News: For delivering a fourth place finish on Friday night after attracting a mere 1.8 million viewers. [Source]

  • Hils

    Too bad for Virtuality. No one I talked to knew it it had aired and some hadn’t even seen an ad leading up to it. Way to go FOX.

  • Ace

    Is anyone suprised by the ratings for Virtuality though? It had three strong things against it: (1) it premeired in the summer when networks rarely have anything new so people don’t pay attention, (2) it aired on Friday, and (3) everyone knew it was a failed pilot that FOX was just burning off…

  • Susan Boyle is a more apt guest for UGLY BETTY than Lindsay Lohan before. If this would help the ratings of UB then its okay for me, the show is in danger this season