Reason #425 Why We’re Nervous For 90210’s Sophomore Year


Are you ready for Steve Sanders: The Next Generation? This TV Addict certainly hopes so. Because Michael Ausiello is reporting today that DAYS OF OUR LIVES vet Trevor Donovan is the latest student to enroll at West Beverly High as Teddy, the school’s very own version of JFK Jr. A casting move that would be all well and good, except for the fact that Donovan is 31 (at least, according to Wikipedia), and this isn’t West Beverly High, circa 1995.

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  • Tim

    Well, if he’s as good as he was on his previous stink, er, stint on ‘days.’ then I’d say ‘be very worried. be very worried.’

  • Josh C.

    reason #425 why this show should not have been renewed for a second season

  • Ace

    Reason #425 I’m glad I stopped watching this show. Seriously, this guy is old enough to be some of those kid’s dad. Sketchy.

  • Jacob

    I’m sure there are loads of 18-25 year olds dying to be on the show. And judging from the poor acting standards they have for the show, I bet no previous experience wouldn’t even matter.

  • Josh Emerson

    That guy is going to play a HS student? Are you kidding? I know shows like OTH had some cast in their 20s, but at least they still looked the part. This guy looks like he should be one of the teachers.

  • Common Sense

    Well, at least he’s got some soft-porn in his recent past, so that should keep the buzz going. But seriously, this pic reminds me of Robert Redford. I, too, am amazed at the casting of late-20s (or worse) stars to play high school students. Oh well, at least AnnaLynne McCord now has someone her age to date on the show.

  • gina

    Trevor Donovan is super hot and very talented he is going to rule season 2

  • Jackie

    Great Casting Choice! Trevor is the hottest guy this show has ever seen. it’s about time!!!!!

  • Paula

    He’s scorching hot. It will keep me watching! (And I am glad he won’t look like a real 19 year old!!!!!) 😉

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  • Nick

    I’m not going to complain about Trevor, because he IS very hot…and this photo doesn’t do him justice at all. The google pic with him and the alien is much more interesting.

    That said….Dear CW: When you’re trying to cast a “hot, cool” young teacher that the girls will flip for, etc….Trevor would’ve been a MUCH better choice than Ryan Egghold, who I frankly don’t see any appeal in whatsoever. Who’s with me?

  • Ace

    Nick — Ryan Eggold is the most attractive guy on that show. Also, he was born on August 10, 1984 which makes him 24 and 7 years younger than this supposed “high school student”

  • Nick

    Ace, seriously now…Egghold “more attractive” than Matt Lanter? Did you have a rough evening last night? I read a lot of comments, and I have to say you are the very *first* to ever have a positive thing to say about Egghold’s looks. I mean, Dixon, Ethan, the principal and the janitor are better looking than Egghold.

    Now, if we’re talking acting….yeah, he’s alright. But, come ON.

  • Ace

    To be fair, I stopped watching before Matt Lanter came on. But I Googled and I will agree that he is more attractive. But to the point that I was watching the show, I stand by my comment. Dixon is just too young for me to consider him attractive. Attractiveness is completely subjective though.

    But really the point is that the new guy looks (and actually is) way older than the teacher on the show.

    TVA — Your next Top 5 should be the opposite of today’s. I.e., when shows cast people as parents who are like 5-10 years older than the kids.

  • WOW, is this our first ever TV Addict reader fight? Fight! Fight! Fight! But before you do, allow me to take sides… which in this case will be, with apologies to Ace who I love for dropping by on a daily basis, Team Nick!

  • Ace

    Haha, the day I get into a fight over who I think the hottest guy on that horrible show is a dark day (again, a show that I don’t even watch anymore which says a lot b/c I think you all know how much I love TV). I just felt like defending poor Ryan.

  • Marc

    Trevor is by far the hottest guy ever to appear on 90210 (new version or old version combined). Way to go Trev!

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  • Are you sure that this guy is supposed to be a student and not a teacher? He is way hot but seriously – this is like the Joey Tribiani casting call of all casting calls – no WAY that he can pass for a high school student.

  • lisasally

    I will only watch because of Trevor Donovan. he is eye candy x10 the rest of the guys are so plain and not cute

  • gena

    i have to agree with Marc, Trevor is the hottest this show present or past has ever seen. He has me as a fan now