Summer Survival Guide: Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

The TV Addict has a secret.

I’ve been cheating on Homer Simpson with Kevin Pollak.

What’s worse is we met online, it’s happened more than once and oh yeah… did I mention I can’t stop?

Our relationship started a few Sundays back when word got out (via twitter, naturally) that an old friend, Matthew Perry was dropping by Kevin Pollak’s new chat show.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Kevin Pollak has a chat show?

As it would turn out, he does.

Currently shooting in his hometown of Los Angeles in partnership with the internet’s most tireless promoter, founder Jason Calacanis, shoots every Sunday evening at 8PM est (5PM pst) and features in-depth interviews with actors (including MAD MEN’s John Hamm and THE WEST WING’s Josh Malina), internet personalties (including Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht and The Guild’s Felicia Day) and comedians (including Adam Carolla and Dana Carvey)

Think INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO Version 2.0, CHARLIE ROSE minus the commercials or LARRY KING LIVE with a host who is… how to put this? A tad more on the ball.

It’s unedited, unpolished and unfiltered, meaning anything can happen… and usually does!

Take CRIMINAL MINDS star Paget Brewster, who gave the following brutally honest answer to what it feels like to jump from the critically acclaimed albeit brilliant-but-cancelled ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE to the inexplicably popular CBS snoore-fest procedural CRIMINAL MINDS:

“Now I’m on a show [CRIMINAL MINDS] that’s in the top 10 every week yet nobody’s heard of it here [in Los Angeles]. It’s like NCIS, a bread and butter CBS show. We’re on Wednesday night at 10 o’clock. Every show they put up against us we annihilate. Shows that are nominated for Emmys. We are this donkey of a show, we’re at the Disney ranch eating hot dogs, no one’s gotten a raise in four years, i don’t know if there is even overtime yet we deliver every week. They [Disney] just keeps cutting our budget, ‘Take another leg off that donkey. It will still make it across the border!’ It’s crazy! Show’s with one tenth of the viewrship have these fancy parties, people get paid a fortune and all of us are like, “WTF?!”

It’s that kind of unexpected honesty that you’ll never see on any televised chat-fest (as Pollak told guest and longtime pal Dana Carvey on a recent episode, “When we go on talk shows, it’s not to share our stories. It never is. You’ve got to kill in six minutes, and every second counts) and that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Also known as reason #452 why the big five network should be afraid… be very afraid.

  • Rick

    why is Kevin talking so odd. If it’s a chat, why the f*ck doesn’t he just chat???