You Be the Critic: HUNG


While HUNG wasn’t exactly the laugh-out-loud comedy one might have expected from a show revolving around Thomas Jane and his biggest err… asset, this TV Addict is glad that we well, we hung in there. After-all, now that the pilot out of the way — which let’s face it, was essentially a pro-longed set-up for what happens next — we find ourselves curiously intrigued as to whether or not Thomas Jane’s Ray will be able to keep things strictly professional with his new business partner, poet/pimp Tanya (the amazing Jane Adams who FRASIER fans will remember as Dr. Mel Karnofsky). And with apologies in advance for yet another tawdry pun, we guess you could say, HUNG has a lot of room to grow. Thoughts?

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  • I feel the same. The pilot didn’t blow me away but it has potential and now that we’re done with the set-up I hope things will go well.

  • Laura

    I just watched the first 5 episodes of hung. I loved it! Really a good show.
    was thinking how could I have time to go to Detroit. Never wanted to visit Michigan before. Now I have a fantasy to get someone like him.