Ripped From The Headlines: Michael Jackson Edition!


File this under “you read it here first”, but don’t be surprised when the latest shocking details surrounding Michael Jackson’s life wind up as a LAW & ORDER episode. Just in case Dick Wolf & Company need help in coming up with an idea, here’s how we see it unfolding: A high-profile fertility specialist is found murdered. Among his clients? A superstar we’ll call Mitch Johnson who has several children via a surrogate was one of the doctor’s clients. Turns out the superstar wasn’t the biological father of the children and never formally adopted them, a fact the maliciously-minded MD used to his advantage in order to blackmail the superstar into handing over lots of cash to cover gambling debts. The superstar is arrested and things look bleak. But in the final moments — you know, where L&O always socks us with their patented twist? — it is revealed that the surrogate was an unbalanced fan of the star and, upon learning that the “gifts” she’d presented to her favorite celeb were being used against him, she killed the doc! Confessing, she clears the superstars name… although it becomes obvious to Jack McCoy and his underlings that the woman — putting the “fan” in fanatical — did the dastardly doc in at the request of her celebrity crush!

I’m sorry, what’s that? Yes, it’s true… we are brilliant! Thanks for noticing.

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