Random Musings: MELROSE PLACE, Simon Cowell, NIP/TUCK & More!

Who told Ashlee Simpson she could act? Her laughable performance is a weak spot in the surprisingly strong MELROSE PLACE pilot.

Is Simon Cowell really worth $144 million a year? And if the show truly believes the nasty Brit is the big draw, what does that say about us as an audience that we tune in to hear him being a jerk?

Can a show remain relevant if it airs two years after filming? Guess we’ll find out when NIP/TUCK’s final episode — taped in early June — finally airs… in 2011!

Does the world really need TWO fragrances from Patrick Dempsey? This one’s easy: No. Next?

Is there anything more disturbing that “slash fiction” in which STAR TREK’s Spock and Kirk get it on? Yes. The downright nightmare-inducing scenes depicted in Hustler video’s line of classic-TV-inspired porn, including a threesome between TREK’s Spock, Kirk and Uhura and a flick titled EVERYBODY LOVES LUCY in which… well, let’s just say that when Ricky declares, “Oh Lucy, I’m hooome!” chances are she’s not alone!

  • Tim

    Yea I find it strange that ‘nip/tuck’ will be airing for 2 yrs. after production has ceased. wow. f/x really planned ahead didn’t they? are this actors bound to the show until 2011 or production is wrapped? lol And as for slasher fiction, I’m scared to even ask if there’s a ‘my three sons.’ lol omg. no lol that’s funny @ lucy. lol and ashlee simpson is only known for a nose job and marrying wentz and having a baby. that’s it. she’s no actress and i’d down play her in the promo’s lol