Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Canada Rocks! (You Know, Aside from the Free Health Care)

1. Cobie Smulders: Not only was Cobie Smulders responsible for one-half of television’s most unexpected and delightful relationships of this past season, elevating her will-they-or-won’t-they with one Barney Stinson to that of legendary status. Her Canadian heritage continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, as evidence by ever more Robin Sparkles, Murtaugh, and one really handy list of Canadian Sex Acts.

2. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: With 60% of “The Final Five” Canadian born (Rekha Sharma, Aaron Douglas and Michael Hogan) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has Canada to thank for their favorite crew’s happily ever after. Plus, we’re fairly certain your friends to the north deserve bonus points for being the birthplace of the eye candy that is Grace Park, Tricia Helfer and Tahmoh Penikett. We’re just sayin’

3. The CW: Little known fact: it’s not the Winchester Bros. talent for demon-hunting or Clark’s superpowers that have kept SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE alive and well all these years. Rather, it’s a powerful yet rarely talked about ally known as the Canadian dollar. A dollar, whose low value in comparison to that of its American cousin has played a surprisingly large role in keeping both Vancouver based shows shooting all these years.

4. We’re Funny: Why are Canadians so funny? To paraphrase Nia Vardalos, who had this to say during her recent appearance on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, “We keep each-other laughing so that we don’t freeze.” Which probably accounts for why Canada is the home of Seth Rogen (FREAKS & GEEKS), Nia Vardalos (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING), Samantha Bee (THE DAILY SHOW), Will Arnett (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), Michael Cera (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), Nathan Fillion (CASTLE), Sarah Chalke (SCRUBS), Tom Cavanagh (ED) among others.

5. And Polite: Which is why we’re quick to apologize for Mike Meyers post-Austin Powers career, Celine Dion, Tom Green, Howie Mandel and Shenae Grimes among others.

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  • Silly

    6) Because HIMYM is making fun of Canada all the time

  • Ace

    Fringe is going to be filmed up your way this season too!

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  • Downey

    I hope this Top 5 was just an excuse to mention Cobie Smulders/Robin Scherbatsky (TOTALLY JUSTIFIED)

  • TVFan

    You can also add Sci Fi to point #4: BSG, Caprica, The Flash, every incarnation of Stargate, Tin Man, virtually their entire schedule has Vancouver Production teams and the Canadian dollar to thank.

  • Tim

    i always remember that homer simpson quote about canada: america jr. lol love canada.

  • Derick

    “we’re fairly certain your friends to the north deserve bonus points for being the birthplace of the eye candy that is Grace Park, Tricia Helfer and Tahmoh Penikett.”

    Grace Park is both gorgeous and Canadian, but she was born in LA–Wikipedia says she moved to Canada with her family when she was 22 months old.

  • Derick,

    Thanks for the correction, although since she moved to Canada at 22 months, I bet she’s a Canadian citizen, and thus still qualifies for the list!

  • “Why are you guys even a country ?”