Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Proof That Hollywood is Running Out of Ideas

beautiful life the cw

1) THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE is basically a modern take on the camptacular Aaron Spelling sudser MODELS INC. So much so that we kept expecting Linda Gray to walk into a scene!

2) HUMAN TARGET’S pilot revolves around our hero riding a high-speed train that left us jonesing for an episode of the wildly awful SUPERTRAIN.

3) DAY ONE might just as well be called JERICHO 2.0. In other words: Enjoy it while it lasts, kids.

4) Since PARENTHOOD is based on a movie, let’s give it a sequelesque title and call it PARENTHOOD: EIGHT IS ENOUGH. Because this sort of feels like what you’d get if we were catching up with the Bradford kids.

5) COUGAR TOWN will make anyone who loves DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Susan very, very happy, ’cause it’s basically a sitcom with Courtney Cox playing Terri Hatcher’s role.

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  • Valerie

    I wish you would include the date these programs start. I check your list, then look for a program on Tivo and it’s not there.

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  • Does TV count as Hollywood? I’m inclined to say no, and I should know, because … well, you know. I AM Hollywood.

  • Ania

    You can easily make it Top 25 (and counting..) But there is a challenge:

    Top 5: Proof That Hollywood will (in the good way) suprise us in 2009.

  • TV does count as Hollywood! And I agree they are running out of ideas.. Day One will not last, how many ways can we end the world… *yawn*