All Hail the KING(S)

If there was a silver-lining to last night’s curious decision by HBO to withhold new episodes of TRUE BLOOD and HUNG from the schedule in lieu of the July 4 holiday weekend, it was that it gave this TV Addict some much needed time to catch up on four episodes of KINGS.

And catch up we did. Which is why we find ourselves taking a page from King Silas Benjamin (A man, who we’re fairly certain has yet to let an episode go by without some kind of pronouncement, press conference or proclamation) this morning by making an announcement of our very own: If you’re not watching KINGS — and judging form the show’s abysmal ratings, that’s 98% of you reading this — you’re missing out on the most intriguing, complex, and scandalous series of the summer.

Not only is Ian McShane’s morally ambiguous portrayal of King Silas Benjamin absolutely captivating (and, we should probably mention to all those Academy members who still have yet to send in their ballot, most certainly Emmy-worthy). Like all the greats, he has an uncanny ability to raise the game of everyone around him. Resulting in some fantastic performances from the younger denizens of the fictional city of Shiloh, including: Our would-be-hero (and if we had to guess, soon-to-be-future king) David Shepard (Christopher Egan) and his royal offspring Prince Jack (Sebastian Stan) and Princess Michelle (Allison Miller), whose lives seem to get increasingly more complex (Sex scandals! Forbidden romances! Sham marriages!) as the series wears on. Thanks in no small part to their duplicitous Uncle William Cross (Dylan Baker), recently returned from exile nephew Andrew (Macaulay Culkin) and Queen Rose (Susanna Thompson) whose very own personal mantra for solving problems these days seems to be, “Off with their head!” (Or quiet assassination, which while less glamorous, certainly gets results.)

So if you’re tired of reruns and reality TV, why not give royalty a try? (With a side of murder, betrayal and romance). There are only three episodes to go, but you can catch up for free online at NBC or iTunes.

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  • bws

    It’s not a bad idea for the summer. I have all 10 sitting on my DVR reminding me every night. Staring at me… daring me to start watching.

  • Ace

    I’m in that 2%. I haven’t watched Saturday’s yet but I’ve seen every other episode. It is a throughly entertaining show but I’m still not suprised that it was cancelled. I think if they had made it a 13 episode short run it would have done better. It just has the feel of an epic mini-series. I also hope the last episode isn’t some huge cliffhanger… And since we’ve been arguing attractive actors for the last week, I just have to add that Chris Egan is hot and someone needs to hire him immediately.

  • I’m in the 2% too. I like the show too. It’s not excellent, but it is above average. I also agree it has the feel of a mini-series. If (or when) David fulfills some destiny to replace Silas, I’m not sure where the show could go next.

  • Common Sense

    The show is pure greatness. It’s really disturbing when networks make a commitment to quality shows—and different, unique shows—like Kings and Merlin, and then network audiences ignore them. I would’ve been a series-long Kings fan, but when NBC suddenly yanked it, it almost feels like I’d be wasting my time trying to follow a lame-duck show. Hopefully I can find the time to catch it on Hulu or another medium in the future.

    Kudos to NBC, however, for at least trying to break out of the standard mold of same-old, same-old that so many nets have fallen into.

  • Common Sense,

    Agreed that NBC deserves kudos for trying to break out of the standard cop/lawyer/doctor procedural of the week. And it’s a shame what they ended up with for trying to think different.

    Which is one of the reasons why I’m so high on GLEE. If audiences fail to support unique shows and original concepts, all we’ll be left with is reality TV, and different variations of LAW & ORDER.

  • I really like this show and am sorry the network isn’t going to continue it, but that is the way it goes. It is one of the more entertaining shows around right now.

  • I am really enjoying this show as well. Although it’s on at a bad time. I’m watching it each week on instead.

  • Jess

    I think Kings is great. Each episode just keeps getting better, It’s a shame shows aren’t given a chance to catch their stride any longer. I just hope we get some kind of satisfactory conclusion. Even if its only David taking the throne.

  • Jocelyn

    I love Kings, it’s had a weird and compelling appeal since the first episode, and I was really disappointed when I heard that after only a few weeks the network was pulling their support. TV is getting so depressing these days, in that it’s so hard to allow yourself to commit to any new show at all, because at least 2/3rds of the interesting new shows will now not even get a full run at a first season, let well alone any faint glimmer of a second. It’s beyond frustrating, and yet, I’m going to make the most of whatever parts of these quality shows we get, because I’m hopeful/naive like that. (Harper’s Island, recently, was given very similar treatment, and I think it’s a very interesting idea for a show, too.)

  • FabFran

    After a previous posting about this show and catching it several weeks ago I succumbed to watching all of the episodes online one evening. And although my sacrifice of sleep cost me a treacherous headache the next day it was dulled by the fact that the series, its characters and the wonderful writing had me thinking about each episode the next morning and days later.

    I am hooked and will most definitely buy this DVD series.

  • Felisha

    As I read others views on Kings. It’s nice to hear it got better, because it couldn’t get much worse! (On the side I’m very upset with Hung, and True Blood not being played – Kings definately not an option)

  • Margaret

    Brilliant show – at least it gets to complete its season – far and above anything else on.

  • Edward

    I started waching kings when it first aired and let me just say i loved it. but it got cancelled, removed, started again and it will get cancelled again because people prefer to watch reality tv, dumbasses, so im really undecided if i wanna start watching it again just for it to end