Exclusive: EVERWOOD’s Gregory Smith Returning to TV

Photo Courtesy of @gregorythesmith

According to Gregory Smith’s Facebook status (and backed up by imdb and twitter), he’s most definitely not in EVERWOOD any more. In fact, he’s in his hometown of Toronto! Although it’s not yet been confirmed, it appears Smith has joined REAPER’s Missy Pergrym in the cast of the currently-shooting pilot COPPER. Billed as GREY’S ANATOMY meets NYPD BLUE, the series — following five pals enduring life as rookie cops — is a co-production between ABC and Canada’s own GLOBAL TV. The cross-border partnership makes sense seeing as the show was co-created by Tassie Cameron, who was one of the players involved with CTV’s FLASHPOINT, which proved surprisingly successful when aired by CBS. No definite airdate has been set, but the series is expected to hit the airwaves in 2010.