Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Stories That Shouldn’t Make Us Laugh… But Do

veronica mars

1. Sanjaya’s weeping gal pal gets the boot.
While the former AMERICAN IDOL hair model kinda redeemed himself by morphing into Jungle Boy on I’M A CELEBRITY, the gal who broke into tears every time he sang (and not because it pained her) auditioned for the next season of IDOL… and was rejected.
2. Kristen Bell says MARS movie’s probably a no-go.
Duh! Did anybody REALLY believe that a series watched by a handful of people — and which never recreated the appeal of its first season — would somehow get the big-bucks, big-screen treatment? Seriously?
3. Fans await emails confirming they’ve won the Jackson memorial lottery.
You just know some smart spammer out there is going to trick millions of people into opening his sales pitch by putting “RE: Jackson Memorial Winner!” in the subject line.

4. Little People Ask FCC to ban the word “midget” on TV
Claming the word “objectifies” them, the LPA (Little People of America) seems to think putting the word on television’s naughty-list will prevent people from cruelty and prejudice. “How many times have people I don’t know come up to me and wanted to pick me up?” said one. Next week, expect fashion models from around the globe to unite in an effort to ban the word “gorgeous” from TV on the exact same grounds.
5. Soap actress refuses to play gay (friendly)
Patricia Mauceri was booted from the ABC sudser ONE LIFE TO LIVE for refusing to allow her character, Carlotta, to be accepting of a gay couple. To be filed under “Oh, the irony:” The show was trying to portray Carlotta as a hispanic woman who didn’t personify the stereotype of being anti-gay. Whoops. Mauceri is being replaced in the part by Saundra Santiago, an actress who — having played Mafia crime boss Carmen on GUIDING LIGHT without actually being a big believer in whacking people — knows that an actor’s job is to, um… act!

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  • Common Sense

    5 good points. And you know you’re about to be bombarded by the 3 dozen Veronica Mars fans who still blame a network for not renewing it (after 3 seasons, mind you)…even though there was no audience to sell to an advertiser. Those same 3 dozen fans must be *shocked* that there’s no interest in the movie!

    As for the midgets…I’m so sick of political-correctness and one group trying to dictate what’s acceptable for everyone else to say or think. So little guys, I’m NOT with you on this campaign, just as I’m never on board with any type of “masked” censorship.

  • I loved Veronica Mars and as much as I would love a movie to wrap it all up, I didn’t for a minute think it would be made. Sad but true.

  • Tim

    Loved “Veronica Mars” but even I had my doubts about a movie version. As for the “OLTL” actress, what irony! She’s been in a gay movie, albeit years ago. lol What changed?

  • Mark

    Consider this the start of the bombardment then because I want a Veronica Mars movie and even thinks it would do well.

  • Kristen

    Comparing little people being called midgets to models being called gorgeous is ridiculous! One has a negative connotation to it and one is a compliment!

  • A Pony!

    You’re opinion is you’re opinion, no doubt… the facts aren’t truly represented here however when it comes to Veronica Mars.

    VM still outdraws most of the shows on the CW. To call the show’s audience a “handful” is foolish as shows like Gossip Girl or Supernatural get critical acclaim, do at best slightly better numbers and are praised for their storytelling methods that draw in new viewers. Granted, no other current or former CW show is trying to put together a feature, but to me, a handful is 1 million or less. VM’s audience has only grown since cancellation (I myself found the show on DVD) and the tagline doesn’t need to read “cancelled TV show becomes film”…

    Murder mysteries sell – always have, always will. Beautiful and talented blonde actresses sell – always have, always will. Talented ensambles sell and draw in critical acclaim, so on and so forth. Underground street racing only had a “handful” of fans before Fast & The Furious, those films seemed to do just fine.

    As I said, you’re oopinion is you’re opinion, but to say that S1 was the only worthwhile season of the show cannot be proven. I love S2, I would go as far as to say the first 6 episodes of S2 are better then the inagural six of S1. I’m not starting a “which season is better” argument, here but you’re opinion isn’t law. Find me a plethora of negative reviews from S2, and then their is a discussion…

    And who said anything about a big budget? I have long said that a VM movie could be made for 10/15 million dollars TOPS. That is chump change in today’s film climate. With a reasonable (ultimatley low) budget and a grass roots campaing from the WB, a VM film could and can still be a great success. Even if it racked in 30 Million dollars at the box office, you have tripeled your original investment and know that only more good things are to come from DVD sales. Kevin Smith has proven this forumla time and time again – it works… well. Why anyone would think a Mars film would need even a 50 million dollar budget is beyond me.

    Bombardment completed. And honestly, thank you for mentioning it. We are at an “any press is good press” stage.

  • Kayla

    okay just because you dont think its going to happen dosent mean that you can just say there is only three dozen fans which is where you are totally wrong there are alot of us…….Neptune Rising has 690 followers on twitter and thats just twitter….. think about the shows that went on for years and years people really enjoy the veronica mars show alot of us have alot of faith in this and i agree with mark totally veronica mars is the best tv show i have ever seen and alot of people including my self are working hard to make this a reality,,,,,you writing this only will make us fight more to prove you wrong…. there are so many reasons why this film should be made. I think the movie will be a hit and you will all be SHOCKED!!!!

  • I’m still hoping for a VM movie!