Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows We’re Embarrassed to Admit We Have Yet to Watch


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  • Wow you haven’t watched Buffy? That’s terrible. It was a fantastic series, and I loved it! You missed out. Watch the DVDs!!!

    I have never watched Six Feet Under or The Wire either. Although I would like to watch Six Feet Under.

  • Ace

    Oh man, go home to your nearest rental place and get The Wire immediately. One of the best shows ever made. I haven’t seen the last two seasons of The Sopranos b/c I’m just not that into mob themed things. Buffy is okay, but I never got as into it as others did. MSCL is wonderful and Six Feet Under is dark, but well written.

    Mine is Madmen. I just saw that the first season is on my cable demand right now though, so I should fix that. I also keep wanting to watch Supernatural but haven’t gotten around to it. I finally watched 30 Rock though!

  • Silly

    you STILL havent watched buffy????? ohhhh boy
    You are totally missing out on something

  • Dan

    I haven’t watched any of those. My list used to include The Office and House, but I watched all of The Office so far and I’m starting House.

    What’s even worse is that I’m looking at I have the complete series box set for The Wire.

  • Jeeves

    Wait…. You love Angel, you love Firefly, and you missed out on Buffy.????
    Guess we know what you are going to be watching this Summer……

  • If you ever do catch up on Buffy, it may be best to stop at the end of the season 5. The series steadily declines throughout seasons 6 & 7.

    I’ve always said that whatever syndrome Buffy:tVS picked it up to make those last two years so disappointing, it gave it to Gilmore Girls, which ended up following the exact same pattern.

  • BHcolin

    I never have seen The Sopranos or The Wire. I have cable but when the first couple seasons were on I worked more nights and never got into it. Also I didn’t have a DVR at the time (did they even have them then?). The Wire, don’t know why never caught that show. I mean I loved Homicide:Life on the Streets and this is from some of the same people, so I should have but never did.
    I also have never watched Battlestar Galactica. Around the third season i was going to start – I had gathered the first and second season on my DVR and then my DVR wiped everything from the memory and I just never got to start. I tried the local video store to rent the first couple seasons but they didn’t have it. I didn’t want to buy them cause I hadn’t watched it – so I wasn’t sure if I would want to own it. Now I’m a little over it (though I’d still like to and have no time to dive in to
    And Madmen. Just haven’t got to it and don’t know if I’ll ever find time to go back to the beginning.

    on the Buffy note — I gotta say I liked the last two seasons. I started my Buffy experience with the musical episode (during a rerun). I feel in love. I was also a heavy meth user then and that sixth season (and the cd soundtrack to the musical) really helped me when I started my recovery (now 61/2yrs clean). Those emotions Buffy had that season really drew me in and through DVDs and FX (which at the time aired 4 episodes a day) I got caught up rather quickly.

    just my thoughts

  • Tim

    never seen the sopranos or the wire either. add to that list: the west wing. loved ‘buffy’. appreciated ‘my so called life” while it lasted. and ‘six feet under’ was great. i think most of us have not seen something others have. lol

  • Kathryn

    Take my advice, don’t watch My So Called Life, it will make you way too sad that it was so short lived. What a great show.

    I LOVED Sopranos, and I came into long after everyone else loved it, in fact only season I watched live was the final season.

    The other three are still unwatched for me as well. As is Entourage.

  • Gasp! I would suggest watching both Buffy and The Wire pronto!

  • I knew about Buffy but how (HOW?!!) could you … lover of 90210 and every other angsty teen drama ever made not have seen the seminal and most angsty of all, My So-Called Life. Very disappointed.

    But I haven’t seen The Sopranos and only the last 2 seasons of The Wire so you get a pass on those.

  • Jess

    Buffy!Buffy!Buffy! a definite must see.

  • I think that Buffy was still very good in the 6th and 7th season. I loved the series finale. Besides every true Buffy fan, had to love the musical episode if only because they were all so freaking amusing singing 🙂

    I also agree with the others about My So-Called Life, you must watch, but it was sad when it was over.

  • Hils

    I probably should check out The Wire at least. I watched the first few episodes of Six Feet Under but it was too yelly for me. I really tried to watch it, but it started to stress me out with the yelling. The yelling might eventually taper off, but the first few episodes are full of it.

    The only thing from Joss I liked was Firefly. I’ve seen some of the other series and — meh. Maybe if I was 16 again and there was a lack of good programming like back in the 1990s I might have sat through it. Combine the meh with running into the crazy fandom over the years and I have no desire to touch it.

  • LB

    You’ve got to watch Six Feet Under, it’s just fantastic. I think that its series finale is one of the best hours of television ever!

  • Oh good, I haven’t watched The Wire and never finished Sopranos (stopped after Season 2 and never caught up). Whew. And to think you’re the TV ADDICT too!

    but BUFFY???

    Granted, I still have yet to catch up with Battlestar Galactica and currently working on Dexter.

  • Nick

    I disagree with anyone who didn’t like the last two seasons of Buffy. That show was amazing from start to finish, and was better than anything currently on network TV. I rank it in my top 4 all-time shows, along with Arrested Development, Felicity and The Office. It’s that good.

  • Linda B.

    My list is the same as yours w/ the exception of The Sopranos. I watched it. Was good the first season or two, then it got full of itself.

  • Felisha

    Out of the five, I’ve only seen Buffy all the way through and the 6th & 7th season where my favorites. The Soprano’s was okay in the being, but it just became more of the same (ie: who do we kill or beat tonight). My husband watch it all and enjoyed it, so I did caught an episode here and there. Was interested in 6 feet other (maybe I’ll caught up later) and haven’t heard of the other 2.

  • Manju

    I’m right there with you TVAddict, except for Buffy, I haven’t seen any of those shows. I checked out the pilot of The Sopranos, but it’s not for me.

  • Victoria

    I’m about 4 episodes from the end of The Wire, and about 4 episodes into The Sopranos so I’m with you there. I have to watch both with my boyfriend because they have so many characters, I need him to help me keep them straight.

    I watched ALL of Buffy (for the first time) last year. While watching I could see why people really loved the show but I didn’t feel like I was getting totally into it (like Firefly). Then I spent most of the finale bawling and I realized that at some point it toally snuck up on me. I thought the ending was PERFECTION when it comes to ending a long-running series and I only wish Joss had the opportunity to treat Firefly to the same treatment.

  • So you haven’t seen Buffy? Season one is so childish and cheap…season two finale will make you cry…season three you’ll have the choice of loving two different ladies…season four finale buffy kicks matrix style ass…season five you meet a whiny little brat…season six is awesome! one, the musical…two, wicked willow…three, the finale will make you cry(please watch when hungover)…season seven, too much info packed in one season…season eight, the rest is all on comic books from there on!

  • David

    You must watch Six Feet Under. IMHO, the best show ever. “Invisible Woman”, the one where a gay man throws an opera to honor his lover, and the final three episodes rank among the most profound hours of tv. “Invisible Woman” (season2, episode 5) is the only tv episode that i can truly say altered my outlook on life (the way in which we perceive “loners”) and i mean that even considering mad men and all those other high brow shows that I love.