Good News: An original DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES cast member is set to return as a series regular next season. Bad News: Said original cast member is Teri Hatcher’s daughter played by the insufferable Andrea Bowen. We’re just sayin, Rory Gilmore she ain’t. [Source]

Good News: The TV Addict was invited to screen two new episodes of GLEE this afternoon in New York and/or LA. Bad News: The TV Addict does not live in New York and/or LA. [#FML]

Good News: TORCHWOOD’s five-episode season 3 miniseries has become so popular in the UK that it has become a trending topic on Twitter. Bad News: Thus spoiling it for everyone outside of the UK who still have to wait two weeks for the series to surface on BBC America. [Source]

Good News: LOSTermind Damon Lindeloff vows that the show’s ending “won’t be vague and ambiguous,” promising that “there will be a lot of answers.” Bad News: Adding, “We’ve no plans to continue the story of LOST beyond year six.” Putting a rest to our hopes dreams for a big screen movie… comic book… webisode… anything? Seriously what are we going to talk about when this show is over?! [Source]

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  • bws

    Having the LOST finale be final is the best possible thing for the show. Creatively, there should be next to zero regrets. I don’t know if another show will ever have an end date as far in advance as LOST did. Having it end is sad; having it go on indefinitely is FAR worse.

  • david

    none of your bad news is bad news. glee needs to be canceled so jane lynch can go back to party down. you can watch torchwood online now and not be spoiled and lost shouldnt have anything after the finale it would just be drawn out when they’ve planned the ending since season 3

  • KM

    Very few people will be spoiled for Torchwood on BBC-A. Most Torchwood viewers in the States have watched it before it airs here, simply due to the fact that the episodes get edited and censored before air in the States. Most of us would rather watch the real edit of the episode.