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After four years of death-defying demon hunting, the Winchester Brothers have finally met their match: A handful of teenager girls.

How else to explain Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles conspicuous absence (once again!) from the upcoming SUPERNATUARL panel at July’s San Diego Comic Convention, which as of this posting has Misha Collins (Castiel), Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer), Eric Kripke (Creator/Executive Producer), Sera Gamble (Executive Producer) and Ben Edlund (Executive Producer) scheduled to attend.

Simply put, there is no excuse. If anyone owes their fandom a thank you for five seasons of continuous employment — not to mention the ludicrously large paychecks that come with said employment — it’s the brothers J. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that the legion of loyal and very vocal SUPERNATURAL fans are — aside from Kripke himself — responsible for not only having kept the show on the air all these years, but also for having garnered the series a whole lotta mainstream attention. After all, the spookfest’s fans have proven time and again that, to paraphrase Field Of Dreams if you write it, they will come. (Heck, has practically built an entire business around the show’s fanbase!)

Which brings us back to the guys who drive those fans nuts. Seriously, what’s the deal? You certainly had no trouble pandering to your fanbase by spending your hiatus filming retreads of Friday The 13th andMy Bloody Valentine. If your on-screen personas can face down everything from dastardly demons to slash-happy serial killers, surely y’all can deal with a few thousand screaming fans, right?

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    “We were surprised and taken aback by the reaction yesterday to our opinion piece, ‘Supernatural stars diss fans!!!!!one!!’ Why, we were simply defending the fans, and we’re shocked — SHOCKED, we say — that fans chose to interpret our opinion differently.”

  • Ashley

    You’re joking, right? They have to work on the show. God forbid they not make it to one convention. It’s not like they do several other ones a year or anything.

    Fan entitlement is really terrifying sometimes…

  • Melanie

    TVAddict! I’m surprised at you! And you the one who taught us internet rule #1 –“Don’t mess with the Supernatural Fans!” And rule #2 — “See rule #1!”

    I know July TV is pretty boring — but this sort of thing could be dangerous.

    BTW — Tom Welling isn’t going to be there either — is he dissing his fans too?

    Anyway– speaking as a fan, even if the JJ’s were going to be there — it’s Kripke’s coments that are ALWAYS the highlight of the Supernatural panel at CC. CC is when we fans try to get the Evil!Genius to spill the beans about the up coming season. Because– lovely as Jared and Jensen are — they’re (reportedly)almost as much in the dark about Sam and Dean as the fans. I’d feel dissed if EK didn’t show up.
    Besides– the boys would never diss us — they KNOW how crazy we are — — –;)

  • CJ

    Newsflash: no one owes fandom ANYTHING. The cast and crew of Supernatural has been amazing with the number of conventions they attend throughout the year and across the world. The fact that, despite all of their willingness to please fans, people like you continue to write articles like this is a good way to get them to stop giving back to fans.

    Your entitlement’s showing.

  • Silya

    Wow, this is ridiculous! Jared and Jensen attend plenty of cons (I met them both in May and they were amazingly generous with the fans then), and both have been at Comic Con in the past. Maybe they wanted to give some of the other cast members the opportunity to have that experience. Maybe the scheduling didn’t work out. Who knows? But the fans I know haven’t seen as as a diss in any way, so why are you stirring up trouble?

  • Leandrea

    I disagree that this was a diss by Jared and Jensen but I will admit to being very disappointed we won’t get to see them at Comic Con this year.

    I don’t like Castiel as a character in any way but I look forward to seeing Jim at least. Bobby’s awesome.

    Will miss Jared and Jensen a lot though, but they do have to work and if it means we get more Sam and Dean screentime and have to sacrifice Castiel and Bobby time then I’m sorry but I’d take that any day of the week over supporting characters being kind of shoved down our throats.

  • Erin

    Dissing fans? I don’t think so. They were at CC last year, Jensen the year before, and they’ve been, together and separately, at a squillion cons all over the world.

    How many times have they left the set, flown to a con, arrived on scant sleep, and hopped back on the plane Sunday night to be back on set Monday morning? They’re already pulling down some pretty long days, and when they attend cons during filming … most times there is no break! That con IS their time off.

    They’re filming. They’re getting a solid go at the early episodes of what *may* be the final season. And that’s all there is to that. Fans will enjoy Jim and Misha at CC as they always will. The boys are doing what fans want most – making more “Supernatural” to watch.

  • Zaz

    They are working – this is not like when Comicon was on July 4th weekend? Besides they are going to see hundreds of fans in August

    Not a smart wise or well thought out post

  • quarterwhore

    Wow, this is a bunch of crap. You should be ashamed to have this online.

    Jensen and Jared do so much for their fans and are incredibly gracious and indulgent. They’re absolute sweethearts and they work harder than ANY actors on television.

    Shame on you. Jensen and Jared are fantastic and I for one am grateful for all that they *do* share with us.

  • NikkiHolly

    *giggles* i’m sorry, i don’t mean to laugh…but i just can’t help it. Daniel (i’m assuming he’s the one posting this), i think you started with good intentions here, but it backfired a bit…and by a bit i mean a lot.

    look, most of us don’t care. the fact is, the boys have done a lot of conventions this past year all around the country and even ones in australia and england. conventions that are specifically for supernatural. not that comic con isn’t great because it definitely wouldn’t be an opportunity that i’d pass up, but it’s just easier to see the boys at a supernatural convention. you don’t have to deal with the hundred thousand other people getting to their preferred panels, and there’s more time to see the boys talk and get to meet them. Therefore, supernatural fans? pretty understanding about skipping comic con. anyone who is already attending has a pretty packed weekend anyway. plus, misha and jim are pretty well loved. really, we’re okay.

  • MizB

    The TV Addict should know better than to assume that J & J are responsible for their attending (or not) SDCC — that would be the CW’s decision — and being that this is a well established show, it’s not surprising that they don’t feel it’s necessary to spend the extra travel expenses.

    The CW may also prefer to not have to deal with the fallout if one/both had to drop out due to filming the show — better to not commit them to it now and add one/both of them at the last minute (pre-announced or not) should filming allow their attendance.

    It’s much better to surprise one’s fandom than to disappoint them.

  • Cookie6

    You’re sticking up for the fans by bagging the J’s? You don’t know us very well.

  • The Other M

    M said: “Theirs is the only show at CC where no lead will make an appearance. Every other tv show has at least one lead listed as attending”

    The other M replies: Oh no it’s not. Misha Collins was added as a series regular this season is now consider 3rd lead for the series. So yes they do have one of their ‘lead actors’ attending the convention.

    As for the notion that Jared and Jensen are ‘dissing fans’ by not attending Comic Con, please note that this is more of a publicty junket for the promotion of the the show than an actual convention. Fans do not have the same level of opportunity to interact with the actors as they do at regular conventions such as Creation and Ayslum conventions. This is not a convention run for Supernatural fans where the actors can ‘give back’ to the fans for their support of the series. Comic con is a tradeshow for the professionals and a means fro the press to do coverage to promote projects.

    As many have said, Jared and Jensen are in the midst of filming the series. For the last two years one or both of them have arrived at comic con to promote the series even though they were dead tired from filming. So if you are trying to stir up trouble about the guys and put some sort of bad rap on them, you are sadly mistaken and as you can see no one is buying what you are trying to sell them about Jared and Jensen.

  • ctynee

    the tv addict got owned haha why he isn’t responding at all haha

    This site has been really pathetic lately

  • ewanspotter

    Wow, TV Addict. If you made this post in all seriousness, it’s laughable. I’d much rather see them at a really pleasant con (did in fact, this past March in LA) than around thousands of screaming people. But if you made this post only to stir up the wasps, congrats, you certainly got your site hits! 😀

  • Seriously?

    This “article” could only have been posted with the purpose of generating “controversy” and getting a lot of people to comment.

    Coz, well, it’s content is ludicrous. Trying to paint the actors in question as lazy ingrates just doesn’t wash on so many levels.

    They have attended a lot of fan conventions around the world since the filming of the previous season ended and they attended this same convention last year. The idea that they don’t make themselves accessible enough to their fans is quite simply crazy talk.

    And yeah, I’m sure that any fan with more than two brain cells to rub together would far rather that they actually MADE THE SHOW. A handful of the shows fans can make it to Comic Con and those people will have more than enough to keep them entertained. EVERY fan of the show wants the new season to be filmed – and that requires the presence of Jensen Ackles and/or Jared Padelecki on the set in Vancouver during the filming period. Episodes of Supernatural that are Sam-lite or Dean-lite? That’s what really gets Supernatural fans frothing at the mouth.

    So yeah, an incendiary little piece you’ve got here. Logical or reasonable (or factual)? Not so much.

  • crypto

    Don’t be totally and utterly ridiculous!! The guys work like crazy and attend all sorts of conventions all year round even if it means wrapping a shoot at five in the morning and being at a convention in LA at nine!!! You seem to know pretty little about these two amazing guys. They spent their hiatus this year in Australia and England for conventions, for heaven’s sake.

  • Jen

    Ha. I think the article was totally worth it to read some of these comments. Well done, TVAddict.

    With that being said, I am a little disappointed neither Jared nor Jensen can show up, but I’m sure last minute if they have enough time they’ll probably make a surprise appearance. The Ghostfacers! last year made a surprise appearance, too. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Jared and Jensen randomly showed up last second to this year’s. Better to do that then to say they can come but then back out, pissing off a bigger crowd.

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  • lisaj67

    This kind of thing bugs the hell out of me, those boys work their asses off making one hell of a show for us fans , they work all the hours god sends traveling all over the damn world to different conventions as well as working grueling 16hr days,day after day.Of course they have large paychecks, wouldn’t anyone expect a large paycheck for doing a 96 hr week.sleeping for a day and then doing it all over again, those boys deserve more than our respect. I for one bow down to THEM for their continued respect to us fans.
    But by god they can’t be everywhere all the damn time , that is until it is humanly possible for people to Astro project. they are only human after all and get tired and restless and homesick and have commitments like the rest of us.
    Who’s to say what is keeping them from the comic con isn’t family related , they are entitled to private lives as much as the rest of us are.Urgh!! this just makes me so angry like some people think they own the guys.
    I think they give more than enough back to their fans.
    Sorry that’s my rant over coz i can feel my heat beat returning to normal now.It’s just sometimes people need to remember how much they do do,lol i said do do!!
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  • Kayla N.

    Ok, don’t go there people! Jared and Jensen are very grateful for their fans. They have proven that time and time again, going to numerous conventions world wide. There is a very good reason as to why they will most likely not attend comic-con this year….THEY ARE FILMING THE SHOW! They are the stars of the show and don’t get a lot of down time to do things during the summer. The fans know this which is why we don’t complain about it (or at least some of us don’t). So back off and get a clue.

  • cuddy

    i dont care about them, just want a regular african american female archangel, and a message of acceptance and tolerance to what is not human and is not evil. i feel xenophobic each ime i watch supernatural.

  • Megan

    This whole issue just repulses me to no end. Rather than being offended by the fact that they won’t be at CC, I take offense at you having the audacity to speak for us! Newsflash, you pathetic moron: you don’t! We, being the actual fans, understand that they won’t be able to make it and don’t hold it against them one bit.

    Oh, and P.S. We aren’t all a bunch of teenage girls, thanks.

  • Megan

    Oh, and those “ludicrously large paychecks” you’re bitching about? That’s capitalism, you dope. Get used to it.

  • jen6

    I’m not sure this is a decision of Jared and Jensen. The producers and writers seem to want to make Collins the star of the series. Last season Castiel’s story got as much or more attention than Sam’s and this season the only spoiler about overall plot is that Castiel will have a major arc in the coming season. Makes me wonder if Jared and Jensen were not asked to participate so Collins could be out front as the new star of the series.

  • sisi

    i wish casstiel story get more attention than sam´s…..(i watched all the episodes and i dont know what cass story you are talking about) the latest episodes of the season where all about sam and i dont want more of him BECAUSE I KNOW THIS SEASON THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE SAM A PATHETIC JUNKIE…!!!! Why CANT HE BE LUCIFER! All the stupid girls that said oh, the brotherly love, the brotherly love are going to regret so much their desire to keep sam as the little weak, stupid brother, as the loser of the show… he is gonna be more loser that ever!!! (actually that is impossible)…. as the loser he has always been!!!! I love sammy, he is my favorite, i wish he were dead! I want him to die in the first episode!

    and about the con, i dont get it, everybody said collins was the star of the last con, that he saved the con, that he was the con… and said so much sh¨t about jared and jensen…. well, now they have collins, they should be happy.

  • bananafritters

    This article is a plie of crap. I can’t think of many actors even half as nice as Jensen and Jared to their fans. They even flew across the world to Australia for a con, and that is about a 22 hour flight, and they could have easily said no. And besides, how is this dissing the fans? they didn’t publicly say anything that could be taken as an insult to fans. You don’t know whats going on in their lives either you douchpacker. And stop making hasty generalisations that all SN fans are teenage girls. And leave Sam alone sisi, he is one of the main characters, which is why he gets so much attention. isn’t that even half obvious?

  • bgeesfan

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. This smacks of “I lost so I’m taking my marbles and sulking home.”

    You realize, of course, that filming just started July 2, right? You realize, of course, that they work 80 hours a week every week, nine months out of the year right? You realize, of course, that J2 are the primary stars of the show and are, therefore, in almost every single scene in almost single every episode, right? And, of course, you saw the YouTube video where we see Mr. Kripke, himself, apologize for J2 not being there, explaining that they are swamped with production and going on to say that it’s his (Mr. Kripke’s) fault that they weren’t able to be there. He even gave the fans greetings and apologies from J2 that they were unable to get away and be there in his talk at the ComicCon.

    Perhaps, in future, you ought to wait and find out the REAL reason why the stars aren’t there before you badmouth them. It might just be a legitimate reason like THEY’RE WORKING and are unable to take the time off.

    Give them a break…they DESERVE it and they’ve EARNED it.


    PS: one more thing…not all of their fans are teenage girls. I am 34 and this is my favorite show of all time. Remember the old adage…when you ASSUME you make an A** out of U and ME.

    Perhaps you’ve never been so excited to see a favorite actor/actress or music group that you screamed like a teenager. If so, I am truly sorry for you.

    If I may add one more thing…I believe you owe Jared and Jensen a huge apology for this article. As for the fans, yes, an apology would be nice, but it is not anywhere near as important as an apology to Jared and Jensen is. They are the ones you bad mouthed and an apology to them is the most important one to make if, indeed, you decide to be an adult and do the right thing and take responsibility for your terrible and unjustified article.

    Next time, find out the facts before you write…isn’t that part of professional journalism? Fact finding? Perhaps you are not a professional journalist the same way that Thomas Friedman of the NY Times is but when you publish something whether it be a book or in a newspaper or on the Internet you have a responsibility to get all of the facts before you publish.